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  • Glock question

    ok so as I am still new to the whole gun thing I like to ask some advice about my Glock.

    I Own a 3rd gen Glock 22. I recently was at a gun store and the smith there informed me that I should change out my 6lbs trigger for a 3 lbs trigger.

    I can notice a slight difference in the trigger pull but have not had an opportunity to try it on the range.

    What I would like to know is

    A: is it better to have the 6lbs or 3lbs trigger. or does it matter
    B: is it safe to have your trigger that loose, as a duty weapon.

    and any other random colorful things I can try to make my weapon better. all info you can give would be great.
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    As a duty weapon I wouldn't change it. Doing so could open you up to civil lawsuit if ever in a officer involved shooting. Plus your dept. may not back you (civilly) if they learn you modified your duty pistol.

    A lighter trigger can help with your accuracy. The reason being it is easier to manipulate a lighter trigger pull without effecting the alignment of the sights, as apposed to a heavier pull. However IMHO it isn't worth the increased civil liability. You can train to be very accurate with that 6 lbs trigger. Save a single action only pistol it is already lighter then the first pull on many defensive pistols on the market.
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      I have yet to see anyone cite a case where the weight of the trigger pull had a pivotal role in the litigation.

      I have run both 3.5 and 5.5 Glock triggers. Our department SOP says only the 5.5 lb connecter for duty.

      I shoot just a little faster with the lighter trigger, but we aren't talking about my pistol. The real question is what do YOU prefer?

      If you like the 3.5lb trigger AND you are proficient with it, then go with it. If you can't tell a difference, then go with the stocker.
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        It just all depends on your department's policy. Please inquire with them regarding any customization.

        I use a lighter trigger on my Glocks when competing ONLY; with 3.5lb trigger connector installed. But on the field I actually have a heavier trigger: Glock model 35 that has a 3.5lb connector with NY1 trigger spring.

        It all depends on you. Personally, your brand new stock 3rd gen. Glock 22 will have a "naturally" lighter trigger after training with 6-10K rounds out of it.


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          I'm also interested in switching to a 3.5 lb trigger for my G22. I only need my firearm for qualifications, but the thing is I shoot just fine with a standard trigger, but I wonder if I could shoot even better with a "lighter" trigger.
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            Thank you for the info. I will inquire with the department gun smith about policy.

            Just wanted to make sure I was not doing somthing stupid with my Glock lol.
            RIP Officer R.K Pitts
            Fairfield Police Dept California
            my father, my hero, greatest cop who ever lived

            The above comments reflect the personal and unofficial opinions of the poster; and in no way should be taken to indicate any opinion or policy of any government agency.


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              I've never even considered anything different from a stock trigger on my Glock 22. I shoot just fine with it. Hell, a lighter trigger might throw me off more.
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                My former department let their officers carry personally owned weapons, and a few carried Glock 34s and 35s (that come stock with the 3.5# trigger.) Others put the 3.5# trigger in their Glock 22s, 21s, etc...

                I kept the 5.5# disconnector in my G21, as I shot it just fine and didn't want to get used to a 3.5# trigger when all my other Glocks still had 5.5# triggers. Changing them ALL over would be cost prohibitive.

                The important issue is that you need to master, and be accustomed to the trigger pull of your duty weapon. Whether it is 3.5 or 5.5 lbs, you need to know it.

                Switching out a stock Glock part for a different stock Glock part isn't a big deal. It's not like you took it to a "smith" and had him tinker with it past the point of reliability...
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                  I also have a glock 22 with the 3 lb trigger, I put night sights on it and a extended mag well. I use it for competition shooting. My personal opinion is you dont need a trigger that light unless you are using it for competition shooting. As far as a duty weapon, I personally wouldnt use it with that light of a trigger and believe me its a noticeable difference. It is a pretty sweet shooting gun though.
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