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    I was at a local ammo store picking up some .45 and .30 carbine rounds for my range trip, and stumbled across a tin of tokarev rounds. 1224 rounds for $140. They had a pallet of them. I had to see the gun that fired these rounds.

    The ammo store only carries a couple firearms, so I had to to trolling local shops to find one that carried import surplus. I was thinking TT33, but I ran across something a little different. The M57 is a Yugoslavian design, obviously based on the Tokarev (which is, in turn, obviously either a Browning design or a clone of one), but is a little different. The grip is longer, allowing a 9-round magazine and a nice firm hold on the weapon. No need for a finger extension on the magazine here! And the safety, instead of some small crudely-designed thing tacked on by the importer, is the safety designed for the updated 9mm version of the same pistol added to the 7.62x25 M57.

    The pistol shoots well, looks unused. It has very minor holster wear on the rear sight, but otherwise could be brand new. The trigger's actually better than my Rock Island 1911 was out of the box, and I haven't figured out yet how to remove the trigger to remove all the cosmoline hiding in there, so I have high hopes after a more thorough cleaning and a break-in period.

    Eventually I imagine I'll try and adapt the pistol to accept another style of grips. The cheap, thick plastic about doubles the width of an otherwise very slim weapon, and this would be a great concealed carry piece if I can determine the safety worthwhile. I've heard bad things about the 3rd party safeties applied to originally safetyless Tokarevs, but this is a 1st party design and may actually be reliable.

    Taking it back to the range today, going to put a couple hundred more rounds through it to see just how smooth that trigger will get


    Sneaking in a picture before I run back to the range.

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