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Anyone use this guy?


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  • Anyone use this guy?

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    Im thinking about sending a sig out to him but just checking to see if anyone has used him?
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    Not him, but this guy specializes his talents on SigSauers primarily, plus others. He polished, refinished and reworked my S&W auto. Email him or give him a phone call. He's phone (talking) friendly.

    The views/opinions expressed here are solely mine. I'm retired and I don't care. I truly do not want to offend anyone, but if you are thin skinned and have no sense of humor, you better find another line of work. Therefore, I don't have to be politically correct and I will exercise my freedom of speech, until it's taken away. May God bless all retirees. We've done our duty and earned our peace.


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      Anyone who would let this out of his shop...

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