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  • Safariland Holster Issue

    So I'm kind of a dummy, but I'm sure there are other dummies reading
    this so here I go...

    I recently purchased a new Safariland level II holster for my dept
    issued Sig Sauer P226. Working in a court house and being surrounded
    by people at close quarters led me to err in the side of security vs
    ease of draw. After doing a few test draws and adjustments to the
    holster's retention screw (which I shouldn't have) I felt comfortable
    with my speed and competence...

    Upon further dry tests I came upon the unthinkable: I could not get
    the weapon out of the holster! I was able to activate the thumb strap,
    push the ejection port lock, but unable to draw the weapon.
    Dumbfounded, I did a complete disassemble to remove my Sig, and
    reassembled the holster completely. I tried to emulate the problem in
    an effort to diagnose the issue and sure enough... STUCK AGAIN!

    Finally I realized that I should not have loosened the tensioner
    completely. When fully loose a piece of the tensioner was interfering
    with the 3 grooves perpendicular to the pistol frame's accessory rail,
    making it virtually impossible to draw. Sure enough there was visable
    signs of wear on the plastic tensioner piece that verified my

    Once I realized my mistake I tried the holster without the
    tensioner piece in the holster at all. I was satisfied with the draw
    (almost too easy) but I knew that this would cause increased wear upon
    the ejection port lock at minimum.

    Finally the solution came to me: "maybe I should tighten the tensioner
    screw a bit like it was when I BOUGHT THE DAMN THING" (I know... I'm
    stupid). I placed the tensioner back into the holster. Once the
    tensioner screw is tightened a bit, the plastic piece appeared to
    slope more than before and therefore not providing a groove for the
    accesory rail to catch onto.

    PROBLEM SOLVED ( or I guess PROBLEM CREATED and then subsequently
    SOLVED leaving a small piece of my masculinity to die inside).

    Hopefully this will prevent any quick draw wannabe Wyatt Earp types
    like myself from loosening that screw fully, and then going down in a
    hail of gunfire... Gun securely locked onto the plasic tensioner.

    ^This is bad

    ^This is good

    This issue should only happen to a newer holster when the tensioner is unscrewed completely. After some use the tensioner piece will stay bent a bit from the tightening of the tensioner screw and will not catch the Sig even when fully unscrewed...
    How can you tell when an old Deputy is on a break or not? You can't

    ***None of the above is representative of, or officially endorsed by any agency what-so-ever***

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    lol....my department just switched to those lvl III on duty holsters and got us the level II counter part for off duty. all our wanna be gun nuts(no offense i would have done the same if they didnt warn us) did the same thing and brought them back in a jumbled heap for the armorer to fix. so no there are plenty of do gooders in nc doing the same thing. i love mine though after some practice i feel it is faster than our old school level II and way more secure.


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      I love it also (after this debaucle of course). Secure and fast draw. Invited some of my non LE pals to do their best to do a dry disarm... I want to say that probably 30 seconds from "gimmie your gun" to "oh... so that's how I get it out" which makes me feel better. Not to say there isn't anyone knowledgeable enough to disarm you swiftly, but it helps... Great Holster
      How can you tell when an old Deputy is on a break or not? You can't

      ***None of the above is representative of, or officially endorsed by any agency what-so-ever***


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        no kidding when it takes us a whole day of training to get it down, then he should take some scum bag atleast that long


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          I use a Safariland 6360 Level III holster. I like it but I really wish I Blackhawk made a Level III holster that worked with a weapon light because I like that holster a lot more and think it works better.



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