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Oiling a Rifle Stock


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  • Oiling a Rifle Stock

    I have two beautiful Colt Sauer hunting rifles and the stocks are getting a bit dry. What do I use to oil them? I don't need to refinish them, just oil them. Is boiled linseed oil my best bet?

    By the way, I do know how to use google, so please don't suggest a product unless you've actually used it yourself I'd prefer personal recommendations. Thanks!

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    WD-40, and it may seem lame, but my pa taught me that WD does the job well, and that's what I use. That is coming from me, an avid deer hunter.
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      you need to be careful about "oils" such as linseed etc. some are actually finishes that are applied. I must concur with the other poster, I have used WD-40 for a long time and it works quite well.
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        I have an old M1 carbine that uses boil linseed oil. It works great for it. But that was what was originally used. Before you use anything make sure there isn't a laquer finish on the stock or you will just get a slick oily mess.
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          When I went to Marine Corps boot camp eons ago, we were issued the M-14. We were told to use RAW linseed oil on the wooden stocks.

          I haven't a clue what the difference between raw and boiled linseed oil is. All I can tell you is that raw linseed oil worked pretty well.


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