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    My department is in the process of switching over to the M&P 45, a much needed up grade, and I saw the M&P 15's that we will be getting some in the armorer's safe today......what you guys think.

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    You should be good to go...
    J. Wise

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      Originally posted by jwise View Post
      You should be good to go...
      I agree. I've never fired the M&P-45, but I love my M&P-40. It is, for me, an intuitive point-and-shoot pistol, which helps with the accuracy. I love the adjustable backstrap too, since I have small hands that don't fit around a Glock well. I liked it so much that I got an M&P-15T, which I have also been very happy with.


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        I think you'll be well armed and well pleased with the department's choices.


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          My department carries the M&P .40 and several of us are carying personally-owned M&P15A's. I have yet to hear any complaints about either weapon. We did have a few of the pistols come down with a mag release problem that was a known issue but Smith fixed it quickly and the newer pistols are supposed to not have the same problem.

          Overall, very nice, comfortable, reliable weapons.
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            thanks guys....it was a much needed improvement over the stone aged smiths we were carrying. im finding the trigger a little difficult to get used to i guess its going to be dry firing and range time for months ( more than a normally do of course)


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              Two things dry fire it a bunch the trigger will smooth in, if you shoot to trigger reset and not to completely off the trigger then the second pull will be shorter and smoother.


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                Arguably one of the best choices for on-duty... armorers and leftys will enjoy the ambedexterous qualities of the M&P, not to mention the grip is much easier for those without freakishly large hands.

                ...oh and the serrations on the front of the slide are cool too
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