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    I picked up an AR15 lower over the weekend w/ the intention to build more of a target gun. I'm starting to research triggers for this AR, as well 2 other AR's and an AR10 that I've got. I've come to the conclusion that I really don't like the factory AR trigger.

    Anyway, I'm thinking of the Rock River 2 stage trigger for the other AR's (not target gun). I'm basically looking for a slightly lighter and smoother trigger for these guns. How is the RR 2 stage in terms of durability, robustness? I've dry fired an RR AR w/ this trigger in a store and liked it. I'm figuring this is the best bang for the $ in terms of upgrading the trigger. Other options?

    For the target gun, and probably the AR10, I'm thinking of a Geisselle (spelling???). I've been seeing this brand more and more as a quaility (read $)trigger option for the AR. Any input or things I need to know on this trigger?

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    Try a tuned Rock River Arms NM trigger from White Oak Precision. They use to sell them for $120.



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      RRA triggers a good value for the money, but the durability (along with LMT and KAC) is questionable. Some have their triggers last for thousands of rounds, others fail with just a few.

      The Geissele SSA is not much more and is the pinnacle of combat-ready triggers.

      Geissele also makes adjustable 2-stage triggers (Geissele High Speed) with various weights that are appropriate for precision rifle applications.

      IIRC, the US Army has dropped the KAC 2-stage for a Geissele 2-stage.


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        For a duty / combat weapon the standard style trigger is the way to go. I am not that big of a fan of changing the stock trigger in the AR/M4 platform for most of my purposes. Having said that I do run a 2 stage Rock River in my SPR. The Rock River is a good trigger for the price and so is the above mentioned Geissele SSA. However as I mentioned, I am always good with just a plain old standard trigger in the AR/M4 type rifles that I run.
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          I also listed this query on NJgunforums.com. Somebody wrote back with.....

          I have a DPMS lower parts kit in the AR i'm building. I wanted to build a reasonable paper target punching type rifle with accurate and good quality components and still stay under a certain budget. For the trigger, the out of the box DPMS trigger was 7-8 lbs and gritty and creepy. I sent it to Bill Springfield for his "3lb Service" which entails him massaging the hammer and sear, cutting the tail off the hammer ("speed hammer"), adding an over travel stop (welded on bead), JP competition springs and re-finishing the metal. I measured the new parts with my digital trigger gauge and it came in at 3lb, 6oz and is crisp and creep free. All this cost $50 and you supply him the stock trigger. He has a 4lb service for $35 but i thought the extra $15 got you a lot more "while you are at it" so to speak. I'm happy with the trigger as i think i got a lot for my money without getting into the hi-dollar match components where the law of diminishing returns sets in and you pay a lot more for a small increment in performance. Of course, if you are building a true match rifle, absolutely no expense should be spared but i feel the work Bill provides is quite good for the money.



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