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  • M-249 barrel

    Alright, guys, I know that a military sight might be better for this, but I know there's plenty folks on o.com who are smart about this, too.

    There's a dude at work who says that, while in Afghanistan he saw a Marine fire a 200 round burst from his M-249 SAW. While I find this unlikely, he goes on in the story to say that he could actually SEE the barrel warp when the Marine leaned the weapon against the side of a building immediatly afterward.

    Assuming that the 200 round burst actually occurred, and the guy did lean the weapon against the building, do you think that it's possible that the barrel was so badly overheated that you could SEE the warping? Maybe if the barrel was bad, perhaps?

    I'd like to call BS, but, even being former military myself, I'm not sure...
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    200 round straight burst? Possible, if so the guy should have been fired as a gunner.

    I think its possible the barrel could have been that heated but like you I'm not sure.
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      here is a long burst from a PIG, it's something seen routinely in the private sector, I know I have done 100rnd bursts through a commando length M16 with a Beta mag. This is right at the point of fail of a M16 gas tube.



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        I don't think 200rnds is going to get the barrel hot enough I have shot a SAW and the barrel does get hot quick due to the high rate of fire.



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          I would say prob not. If I recall (its been awhile) a SAW, M240, M60 can usually sustain a cyclic rate of fire for a full minute before requring a barrel change. I do recall once we were doing a dog and pony show when I was at Ft. Bragg. We were due for new barrels on out M240's anyway so we were given LOTS of ammo for out support by fire position. We basically fired our guns straight for approx 2-3 minutes. I just locked the gun in the T&E and held the trigger. At first the barrel turned red...then white.....then you could actually see the rounds heading down the barrel. It looked like a sparkler with huge sparks shooting bout 10feet out the barrel (later found that was the rifling and pieces of metal coming out). When it was done I was able to light a cig with the barrel a couple minutes afterwards. We had a vhs camera looking through a pair of nods and it looked SWEET. The next day our barrels were completely smooth, not a bit of rifling in em. Pretty fun to do but cleaning those guns was sure a bitch!!


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