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  • 870 barrel

    I am in the process of modifying an 870 I picked up cheap and have a few questions. It has nice wood grips so I looking to swap the woof for synthetic black (the foregrip is already replaced) and do a few other things.

    -Can the 18.5" barrell that is used for breaching rounds accomodate regular rounds without a loss in performance (or at all for that matter)?
    -Has anyone modified their shotgun with that AR type collapsible stock, how did it perform?
    -What are the best all around sites, I am willing to mount a rail on top if optics seem to be the best option but I have that on an AR already and want the 12 gauge to be less "hi-tech"?
    -I have a side saddle now, any other options on adding more rounds and carrying capability?
    -I put a front sling mount on the wee beasty but still need a good sling usable with transitions to handgun or back or for H2H, ideas here?
    -What are the options on increasing rounds in the tube?

    Thanks guys and gals for any help,
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    I had a short 870 with the AR type stock, nothing about that stock made shooting fun. Perhaps one of the Knoxx Recoil Reduction type stocks might be ok, I have never tried. An extended magazine tube and spring can replace your magazine end cap, on that barrel length should take you up to 7+1.


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      I have the folding stock, pistol grip set-up on my 870. I wouldn't reccomend it. Mine is home defense only so I can deal with it.
      My set-up kicks me like mule having a bad day. The recoil, even with 00 buck is hard on the wrists shooting from the hip. Shooting slugs is painful.
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        The breaching barrel should work with everything else, but not the best. It is designed to be placed almost right up against a door lock/hinge and let a breaching slug through so it should be like using shot in a slug barrel. I have never tried it myself so this is just conjecture.

        I am told the AR type stock is punishing. If you do use it, get a good buttplate. I almost did it myself but I like the wooden stock too much. They also make synthetic stocks that hold several round themselves, Speedfeed I think they are called.

        As for sights: The fiber optic ones work well and are not expensive. If you want to put a rail up there then I would suggest a reflex/holographic sight and possibly a weapon light if you plan on using the gun in low light conditions.

        You can get a mag extender for an added 2 or 3 rounds (depending on if you have the breach barrel). Also there are a couple different kinds of side saddles. If the one you have is for the stock, get one that pins to the receiver, or vice versa. They even make slings that hold extra rounds. With enough accessories you could carry an entire box of shells on the weapon, and the weight that comes with it.

        Check out Jwise's AR-15 thread for good sling info.
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