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I hate my 3" XD! Recommend me something else!


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  • I hate my 3" XD! Recommend me something else!

    I have a 4" 45 acp XD that I use for duty. Love it and will continue to use it for duty.

    I have a 3" 9mm XD that I love everywhere except my hip. This is my off duty gun, and I've tried all sorts of IWB and OWB holsters. The best solution I have found is a cross breed supertuck holster. My biggest complaint about the XD is that it feels very "blocky", it feels like a bulge on my belt. I shoot it just fine, it's reliable.... it's just a block.

    I want an off duty gun that disappears. Has to be 9mm or 45 acp. No 40 cal. Must be reliable and super easy to conceal.

    Option 1? Glock 26. Seems like everyone that has one loves it, lots of holster options, and I never heard about someone not being able to conceal it. I have other glocks, so the trigger difference/grip angle between the glock and xd doesn't worry me. A little lighter than the xd?

    Option 2? 4" 1911. Thinner grip makes it easy to conceal? I own other 1911's so I'm used to them. Everyone says they disappear once you put it on... Probably a little heavier than the xd?

    Option 3????


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    I have a buddy who has a 4" 1911 and a .45 XD (not sure the exact model, but it's a full-size). To put the two next to each other, the 1911 is way, way thinner. On his hip, it practically lies flat, as opposed to the blockier XD (similar to my G22, it's fat and sticks out).

    Not sure if that helps you at all, I am definately not a firearms expert. But I would think you could conceal the 1911 pretty easily.
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      Glock and the XD are so similar aside from weight. If you don't like the XD you won't like the glock.
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        Option 3

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          If you are looking for a 1911 that's small, may I recommend the Colt Defender.


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            Kahr PM9094. Very thin and lite weight. They also make a .45.


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              Originally posted by Monkeybomb View Post
              Glock and the XD are so similar aside from weight. If you don't like the XD you won't like the glock.
              Thats what I was worried about. Everyone said the sub glocks were easy to conceal. Any chance I'm just a wimp and the 3" xd isn't that bad?

              Anyone here use a 3" xd off duty?


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                I have carried a glock 27 concealed for 12 years or so. No problems. My wife carries the XD sub in 40 concealed. The XD is heavier but aside from that its what your comfortable with.

                If I wanted ultra concealable I would get a PPK or a LCP. I just won't carry a 380. The 3 inch barrel 1911's are nice and slim. It's all a compromise for the most part. Caliber, size and capacity. Have to figure out what you want the most and go for it. For me its the Glock 27.
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                  Try a 1911.

                  You'll love it......and it's another reason to get a new gun.




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                    I second the Colt Defender!!!
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                      A Kahr CW9 or PM9 should disappear in a Supertuck under a light cover garment. VERY thin and lightweight. I like mine, and am comfortable with its 7+1 capacity, and I carry 2 spare mags in an Uncle Mike's pocket holster on my off side. Being single stack mags, they lay nice and flat in my pocket, unlike double stack mags.

                      A Glock 26 will be much easier to conceal than an XD "subcompact." It's lighter, it's thinner, and the biggest reason it's easier to conceal....the height is 4.17 inches at the grip vs. 4.75 inches with the XD. As the grip is the hardest part of a handgun to conceal, this is monumental difference, especially in a good IWB holster.

                      The fact that the G26 is less than 22 ounces vs. 26 ounces for the XD doesn't hurt either. Plus, you'll get better velocity out of the Glock's polygonal 3.5 inch barrel vs. the XD's standard rifled 3 inch barrel. Don't know why they made the barrel so short on the XD, it's the grip that is hard to conceal.

                      Good luck in your search!
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                        Originally posted by mmats3.0 View Post
                        Kahr PM9094. Very thin and lite weight. They also make a .45.
                        +1 on anything by Kahr.

                        CW, P, or PM series....it should be exactly what you're looking for! They're all single stack, and extremely light and concealable.

                        CW9- under $400
                        CW45- Around $425 or cheaper
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                          Thanks for all the help! Think I'll head to the store and compare them all side by side with a 3" xd.


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                            Whatcha gonna do with that XD?
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                              If a XD9 3" is to blocky, take a look at a Glock 36. Single stack, slim frame, may just suit you. Plus same ammo to shoot through it as your duty weapon.


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