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9mm vs .40, this hasn't been argued lately..


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    Originally posted by FiremanMike View Post
    9mm vs .40 caliber.

    From what I'm finding, the 9mm is still more than adequate as a duty round, however it seems that hardly anyone (especially in my area) carries 9mm any longer.


    Oh, God. Not again.

    Shot placement. It's better than bullet diameter.
    Politically Correct? No.

    Truthful? Yes!


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      "Supposedly a robbery, but nobody saw nothing..."

      So, so true. It seems like I've heard that somewhere.


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        It really doesn't matter if you ask me. It is all about hitting your target and the way the target will react. There are plenty of videos on-line that you can research and see people shot with .45s and they still keep going. In the town I grew up in, some kids were fooling around with a .22LR in a pistol or rifle I don't know. Anyways, the driver side backseat passenger pulled the trigger on accident and the gun fired. The bullet went through the seat, into the back torso area of the driver. The driver died from being shot once with a .22LR. Another recent robbery of a pawn shop: Guy walks in with gun. Pawn shop sells guns _and_ keeps them loaded and ready to go. They can pick-up any gun on display and start firing. Anyways, owner sees the robber, pulls his own .32 or .380 (don't remember) and shoots the robber, hitting him at least once. The robber turns around to flee and another clerk grabs a .44mag. Shoots the robber through the back. The bullet goes through the robber, through the front glass door, and hits a car across the street and drops (the photos showed it didn't penetrate the quarter panel). As soon as the bullet hit the guy, they reported he dropped to his knees, then fell over and died. Not sure if it was a .44mag or .44spl, hollow point or what.


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          I carry all 9mm's - on duty, off duty, BUG, carbine. I'm comfortable and confident with the weapons and the load and shoot very well with all of them. If it's too much for them I've got the 5.56 and 12ga backing them up.


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            the reason i got the PM9 and not the PM40 was when i bought the PM9 i wasnt a sworn LEO yet and didnt have a .40 duty weapon. i didnt see a point in selling the 9 to get the .40 version in the kahr. im very happy with the 9mm little kahr. if i had bought it after getting my G23, then i would have gone .40


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              Let me put some perspective to what is becoming a ""stopping power"" discussion: In the early 70's, there was a shooting in either LA or NYC (I can't recall, I have slept since then). The suspect was shot several times with revolvers, and two 12 gauge slugs, and still ran another block before having the decency to die.

              The only round I know of that stops them for sure is a 155 Cannon round, direct hit. I did see a video of an Iraqi who shot at a U.S. Marine helo. The helo was out of 7.62, it was out of 40MM, but they did have a TOW (anti-tank) missile left. The TOW actually impacted on his AK47. That was also a positive, if expensive, kill.

              So, never expect your round of choice to work. Anyone worth shooting is worth shooting to the ground - 9mm, .40, .45 matter not. Surviving matters - in fact, survival is the ONLY victory.
              "A man who has nothing which he cares about more than he does about his personal safety is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the existing of better men than himself."
              John Stuart Mill


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                This is my simplistic thought on 9 vs. 40 ballistics: I have extensively shot the Ranger T series (Winchester's numbers below) and have found that when comparing 9mm and .40 I personally deal with the recoil of the 9 better than that of the .40, consistently putting 3 rounds of 9mm on target while only being able to put 2 rounds of .40 out in the same time. So for me it is simple math.

                3x 441 ft-lbs= 1323 ft-lbs on target
                2x 476 ft-lbs= 952 ft-lbs on target

                Blackdog said it up there somewhere........ shoot the biggest bullet in the biggest gun THAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO TRAIN WITH!!!!!!!

                My opinion only...... your mileage may vary

                Cartridge 40 Smith and Wesson 9mm Luger P
                Bullet Wt. Grs. 165 127
                Bullet Type T-Series T-Series
                Barrel Length (in) 4.00" -
                Velocity in Feet Per Second (fps)
                Muzzle 1140 1250
                50 1056 1125
                100 988 1038
                Energy in Foot Pounds (ft-lbs.)
                Muzzle 476 441
                50 409 357
                100 357 304
                Mid-Range Trajectory (in.)
                50 0.9 0.8
                100 3.9 3.4


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