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Questions about my first gun


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  • Questions about my first gun

    I am going to purchase a handgun within the next week.

    MY primary reason for buying is plinking. My question is, what type of firearm should I choose?

    Particularly I'd like suggestions on caliber and brand.

    Should I consider home protection as well? I currently do now own any gun.

    Oh yeah, my budget will be around $500
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    You'd be hard pressed to go wrong with a Ruger MkII. For UNDER $300, you could buy a hail of a lot of .22LR ammo with the leftover $$$!
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      Ditto what shooter said. I have a used one I got for 200 bucks and I consider it one of my favorite guns. It's fun, cheap, and reliable.


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        Definitely go with a low caliber if all you're going to do is plinking. No sense spending all the money for 9mm or .45 to destroy a tin can. As far as brand, stick with one of the major manufacturers like Taurus, Ruger, S&W etc etc.


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          Glock 17 or 19, 9mm. (mm is cheaper compared to the rest adn you can get an Advantage Arms conversion kit for .22 and have some great fun.
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            Thank you all for the info and suggestions.

            Thanks to the internet, I just read a bunch of reviews on the MkII and the Glock. Looks like the Glock is generally looked upon as a very high quality pistol, which makes me want to buy it.

            Is $499 a decent price for a Glock 17?

            I'll have to save for that 22 conversion kit if I ultimately decide to get the Glock.
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              Around here it would be, unless you're le.

              Academy has blazer 9mm for 3.99 a box, and they have .22 for 8 dollars per 500 rounds.


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                Not to confuse you, but another nice plinking gun is a Marlin model 39AS. It is a lever action .22 rifle that feeds all .22 ammo except magnums. It holds 19 long rifles, 21 longs, and 26 shorts.

                What I like, if noise is a concern, when using .22 short cb caps, it makes very little noise. And it's very accurate as well.

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