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  • rotating Magizines

    I bought a Glock recently for off duty and wanted to asked a question about the magizine springs. I have 4 mags. Is it advisible to rotate the mags every few months so the springs wont get weak? Thanks

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    I used to think so too. But a few of the guys on O.com say that the constant spring movement of loading/unloading wear the springs out faster than keeping it loaded all the time. Correct me if I'm wrong guys.
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      Keeping the spring compressed won't cause the spring to wear out. It's the constant loading and unloading of the magazine that will.

      The only issue is if the magazine gets dirty and the round follower (the lil plastic piece) gets stuck.
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        Ditto the above advice. Load 'em and leave 'em. Use different mags for range fun, as they will get loaded/unloaded quite a bit, wearing the springs.

        My carry mags are pretty much left loaded at all times.
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