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Alabama Concealed Carry; New Law

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  • Alabama Concealed Carry; New Law

    Good news (my opinion anyway). Got this from

    New Gun Permit Law
    Aug 1, 2001

    A new law effective today allows Alabama residents to legally carry their guns in eight other states on the same pistol permit.

    Residents of the states that have entered the agreement also will be allowed to carry their guns in Alabama using their state's pistol permit.

    The states that have agreed to recognize one another's handgun permits for visiting citizens are Florida, Mississippi, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, North Dakota and Wyoming.

    While in Alabama, out-of-state visitors must follow the same laws that in-state residents follow. Alabama residents must conform to other states' laws when they travel.

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    What I'm having a HARD time understanding is WHY Tennessee CCWs aren't recognized. Tennessee's CCW process is MORE stringent than Florida's, whose is often used as a guide for drafting other state's CCW requirements. 'Something STINKS' in Tennessee....and it ain't the paper mills! :/

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      Basically the states in question have to negoiate a CCW agreement. Now an Alabama-Tennessee agreement may not exist simply because those two states have never entered negoations, because one of them said no, or because one finds the other unacceptable for some reason. I don't know what either state requires for an agreement to exist. For example Arizona permits are also valid in Utah, Alaska, Arkansas, Kentucky and Texas. By the same token those permits are valid in Arizona. Now for Arizona to consider a state for a reciporical permit the CCWs must:

      Be a shall issue state
      Perform criminal history checks on all applicants
      Availability of an automated database 24-hours a day to verify permit status for law enforcement use
      Have standard disqualification, suspension & revocation requirements
      Have required training which covers the following: Deadly force issues, Mental conditioning, Weapons care/maintenance, Safe handling/storage, Marksmanship, Judgmental Shooting
      Have a minimum age issuance of 21
      Require applicants be a U.S. citizenship
      Deny for mental illness
      Deny for a misdemeanor domestic violence convictions
      Deny for a felony convictions
      Expiration date on permit

      If any of those prerequsites aren't met, Arizona won't enter into a reciprocal permit agreement. Not a huge issue in this state since Arizona does allow open carry with no permit, but you can see whay there aren't that many states on the list.


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        As I understand it Al. and Tn. did discuss an agreement but Al. would not raise their standards for getting a firearms permit as it stands now if you want an Al. concealed carry permit you take 15.00 to the local sheriff and if you voted for him you will most assuredly get a permit and after Tn. raised their standards and Al. didnt no agreement could be reached. Tn.s are simaliar to those that Arizona has.


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          I don't know about other counties but here in Mobile Alabama you take $20 to the courthouse, Wait for them to run a background check and if your not a prior felon or domestic problem history - you get your permit.


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