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OFF-DUTY/BACKUP carry for a H&K USP 45C


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  • OFF-DUTY/BACKUP carry for a H&K USP 45C

    im trying to come up with some ideas for concealed carry for an H&K USP .45 compact. I would like to use it off duty and as a backup until i find a j-frame that i like, but since my clothes are usually jeans and a t-shirt, im having some issues with the normal conceal options. does anyone know of an ankle holster that will fit it? I know desantis makes an ankle holster for almost everything, but not H&K. Is there another gun with similar dimentions that it would fit in? i appreciate your help guys... thanks.

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    Ankle Carry????

    I have a USP9C and theres no way I would carry it on my ankle. It would be really awkward and obvious.


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      Yeah, it would be pretty obvious. People would either think you had a gun or one of those GPS locator bracelets and were on parole!

      If you're looking for something on your ankle I think you'll be best served by a snub nosed revolver, or maybe something like the Kahr Mk40 Micro.


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        I also have a USPC 40. Not a good gun for the ankle. I've carried it a few different ways and the best I can come up with is a paddle holster. Because of the thickness of the gun, in the waistband and small of back are not very comfortable. Personal preference......Safariland's 6378 ALS paddle holster. Comfortable and not too expensive.
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          I have yet to see a really good way to carry any USP concealed, compact or not. Your best bet would be to find a good IWB or OWB, with a "cover shirt" or jacket. The only time I have ever managed to conceal my USP is in the winter when I am wearing my Carhart.
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            One of the reasons I have never really been attracted to the USP.

            I would definitly seek another handgun with similar operation to your duty weapon that will pack easier.
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              I carry a USPc45 everyday off duty. I use a Desantis Pro Stealth IWB holster. I has the elastic on the front for an extra mag, but its much too bulky with it IMO. Besides, 9 rds of .45 should be good 'nuff for any off duty type incident...


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