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Laser sights?


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  • Laser sights?

    Just curious, do any LEOs use laser sights, such a Crimson Trace grips, on their handgun?

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    the only gun i have crimson trace grips on is my p220. they are not comfortable, but i am not a fan of lasers anyway


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      I had a CT laser on my Beretta and liked it. So long as you do not depend on it and have decent shooting mechanics too begin with, they are good tools. They will not make a bad shooter a good shooter, but they can help a good shooter be better. The best part of the laser is that you can see where your round will impact before your pistol is all the way up to your eye. It also has the added benefit of taking the fight out of someone when they see a red dot on them.
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        Not a big fan of lasers either. IMO, a lasers uselfulness is restricted to certain special circumstances.
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          I am faster with just a set of night sights. However shooting around a shield and on long guns with NVG's is a good example of when they are useful.
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            I have a set of CT grips on a G22 that I use when instructing. They come in handy see how the student is aiming, squeezing, etc. For regular duty use, you end up spending more time looking for the dot dancing downrange than you would if you simply drew and fired using your regular sights.


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              I have Crimson Trace sights on a Sig 229. They're a neat toy but I actually find myself shooting better by simply using the regular sights.

              For me they are best for the intimidation factor.
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                They are not authorized on our duty weapons and if we have a BUG they are not allowed on them either. Since I carry my bug off duty also, I'd have to put it on and take it off everytime I went to work. Evidently none of the brand name lasers that were tested by our training department withstood the rigors of testing. They had the SWAT team put them through their paces, and you know SWAT. Give them anything and they will find a way to break it.

                Even though we purchase our own duty weapon, they dictate what kind of weapon is authorize and what attachments you can add. Basically on the duty pistol only a flashlight is allowed. You can't even have a flashlight with a laser on it. How dumb, considering everyone carries the X26 Taser with the laser.

                I am not a fan of lasers per say. However, I admit, I can certainly see the application for it's use. More for a night defensive in-the-home situation when you have milli-seconds to make a shoot, don't shoot decision and shot placement in a house with family in it is paramount.

                I know some people say it just doesn't seem fair when someone uses a laser, but IMHO I don't want to be in a fair gun fight. I want all the advantage I can get. But I've been shooting pistols for over 4 decades and I'm a pretty good shot. I can see the occasional shooter using lasers as a crutch instead of taking the time to learn proper shooting techniques.


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