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  • Safariland 6360 Holster

    My department recently switched to the M&P 40 and with them they were given the Safariland 6360 ALS holsters. My problem is that the holster section that attaches to my duty belt sticks into my side and causes severe pain in my leg. The plastic section sticks into my side as it protrudes approximately .5" from my belt. I believe that this is pinching a nerve in my side and causes pain to go throughout my right leg.

    At first it was OK, but now I have the pain issue all day after the belt is off of me. I can't sit in my vehicle for the 8 hours without having to get out and hold my belt off my hip for a while.

    Has anyone come across this and how did you fix the issue? I dont want to shave down the holster as it could cause integrity values and if something was to go wrong I don't want the blame. I am looking to see what other officers did as I need to approach management with this issue.

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    Don't take this the wrong way but how much of a "spare tire" are you sporting? Are you running your duty belt too tight?

    We just switched to the ALS for tac-light equipped pistols. I have been running mine for a month or two now. It can dig if I catch it on the seat wrong when getting in the car but overall it's pretty comfortable.

    As far as digging into your leg, Safariland does make a high-rise belt attachment that will move the holster up a little. I don't remember exactly how much.
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      Not taken unkindly. I think that my girth is the problem. Nothing there. While looking at the Safariland website, I didn't see the holster with an attachment to the belt like the good old ones that used two allen screws on top of the holder to clamp down onto the belt.

      Low and behold, they do make a version of this and my department had one for testing purposes. I am now the proud owner of it and have just placed it on my belt and will try it tonight.

      Problem with the holster is that I had the one that accomodated a light attached to the framerail of the gun. While sitting in my Tahoe wearing my seatbelt, the extra length pushed the holster into my thigh bone causing a pinched nerve, which made the pain travel down my leg.

      Hopefully, the shorter holster, no light, and the new attachment for the belt will help. I will let you know after tonight.


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        The part you are looking for is the UBL 1.5" drop kit. It just replaces the belt loop portion of your holster and makes it ride lower. Talk to your range master because they might also have spacer kits available. The drop kit part number for the new belt loop (3 screws) is 6075UBL-2 and for the older belt loop (2 screws) is 6285BL-2.
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          Thanks to everyone who posted on this. I changed my holster to the 6360-219 (no flashlight) and the holder that attaches to my belt is the older style with the two allen screws on to so that the holder is flush with my belt. There isn't a part number on the holder so I can't pass it along. Since the change, no health issues.


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