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    My dept provides a Kimber Custom Elite II 1911 (.45) for my duty weapon and I'd like to find a back-up that is similar in functionality. (Stay with that same muscle memory in a stressful situation...)

    Since I'll be financing the BUG myself, cost is a consideration.

    Any recommendations or opinions?

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    My bug is a Colt Defender. My primary is the Kimber Tactical Custom II. Identical manual of arms. Being able to use the full size mags in the bug could be beneficial.

    People try to tell me the fs mags can be overinserted; I tried. Couldn't do it.
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      IMHO the best value in a very similar gun right now is the Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry with the 3" barrel. It's also available with 4" or 5". You should be able to find it for about $900, but that includes a set of rosewood Crimson Trace grips that retail for about $300 if you were to buy them separately.

      If that's a bit rich for your blood, you could think about something like a 4" RIA 1911. I'm not sure of the exact price on those, but it has to be fairly reasonable. Cheaper yet, with similar thumb safety (but no grip safety) would be a Bersa Thunder in either 9 or 45. People around here knock the Bersas sometimes, but I've heard loads of good reports and my wife loves her Thunder 9 UC. You can get them in the $320-350 range.


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        I would check out the Springfield EMP.

        I have not heard any reports on it yet, but supposedly it's the smallest 1911 pattern pistol available.

        HOWEVER, even if I carried a 1911 as a primary I would still use my Keltec P3AT as a BUG.
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