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  • Recommended starter gun?

    Once I move into my new city I'm planning on picking up a possession acquisition license up here in canucksville. I want to practice with a rifle and pistol and I'm wondering what you guys would suggest to me as a good starter gun for both. Low caliber? Cheap? I'm pretty new to the whole game.
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    It depends on what you want them for. For just having a little fun, .22 rimfire is much cheaper. In rifles the Ruger 10/22 and Marlin 60 are good bets. For centerfire rifles, I'll let someone else field the question.

    Among handguns, again if you want a .22 then something like a Browning Buckmark, Ruger Mark III, or perhaps a Beretta Neos U22. If you want centerfire and it's still mostly for fun, then probably something in 9mm simply because the ammo is cheaper these days. I'm partial to the S&W M&P, but there are also great Glocks and the Springfield XD in the same category. For something a little cheaper, my wife really enjoys shooting her Bersa Thunder 9 and even though some scorn the Bersa, there are loads of great reports about their Thunder series.


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      Ruger 10-22 rifle and Colt Woodsman pistol
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        Mostly I want to go into the academy with some experience under my belt. So I suppose it might help to learn what my local PD uses and simply buy that. I know they use a Glock 22 and the ETF Snipers use Remington 700 bolt-action rifles. I don't necessarily know how hard those would be to get a hold of.

        If I found them hard to get I was just looking for something low caliber that would help me ease into firing. I have previous shooting experience, but something reliable would be great for practice.
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          Practicing technique is good, regardless of the specific caliber or model that you're firing. The only real thing I'd worry about at this point is see if you can get a handgun with a similar grip angle to what you'll most likely be using, but it's fine to practice with a .22. Same thing with the rifle. The Marlin 900 series bolt action .22 rifles would give you practice and you'd have a chance to get accustomed to manipulating the bolt between shots to the point where it's simply instinctive. Stick with using the iron sights to start off, don't be tempted to get a scope while you're learning.


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            When I saw the thread topic, I was going to suggest it would be cheaper just to holler "GO!"

            I would get .22 semi's, both pistol and rifle. They are cheap to shoot, and you can shoot alot without any fatigue from recoil. The basic markmanship techniques you pratice with them will translate to whatever you go to later.


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              a lot of ranges offer rental service. i suggest u exercise that option as it will give u quite a bit of good info about ur personal preferences. additionally, the majority of ranges ive been to have had knowledgeable staff that are, depending on how busy it is, happy to help answer any questions u may have.

              oh and - choose wisely...


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                You can't go wrong with a .22 pistol for a beginner. They're cheap, they're fun and ammo is plentiful.

                Be sure to take a class so you will minimize or eliminate any bad habits. You take a clas and put in some practice and you will be surprised how quickly you catch on. Shooting is easy and fun but does require regular practice but thats ok because shooting is fun.


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                  I say go with a Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle BB gun with a compass in the stock and a thing which tells time.

                  Can't go wrong.

                  Just don't shoot your eye out.
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                  By the way.. They aren't "Clients" or "Customers" they're CRIMINALS... sheesh


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