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  • Walther PPS 9mm

    How does the Walther PPS 9mm rate on the firearms scale....yay? or nay? Any info. you can offer is appreciated....Thinking about getting this....Thanks!

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    They're still pretty new and hard to come by. From what I've read posted (on line) by owners, the PPS is a very compact and concealable pistol with little to complain about but a rather poor trigger. Holsters might be a bit hard to find too, since not many makers have the molds yet.
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      I haven't fired one, only seen one in the store and handled it a little, but just a couple of brief observations. I recently sold another very slim gun (Keltec PF9) because it was so slim that I found I had a hard time shooting it well. I realize that's a totally different gun but the slimness, which does make it a little more concealable, wasn't worth it to me for that reason.

      Second, just a minor point to remember that Walthers have a mag release unlike any other gun I've seen. That's a potential factor if you plan on using this as a carry gun.


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        I am also looking at getting one.

        Local store has a a PPS .40 on the shelf. I like the feel. Not sure I am happy with the MAG release (just differnet than what i am used to ) but for a concelaed weapon it looks like it will fit the bill nicely. Anyone here shoot it yet? Daddy may be getting his christmas present early


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          If I had the cash I would have one.

          The only "bad" I have read so far has been personal preference stuff.

          My wife is actually looking for a "purse" gun since she thinks her XD-9C is too large right now.
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            handled one the other day. I like it, but I don't think it offers any real advantage over a glock 19 for concealment purposes. Slide is a hair thinner, but grip is not much thinner than the glock, at least not enough to justify the lack of capacity in my opinion, and I love walthers...


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              I've considered the PPS and have handled it a couple times. Very thin frame which I like, but the grip was too small even for my small hands. It's definately a "personal choice" auto, not for everyone. To be honest, the price scared me away, somewhere @ $650.00 +.
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