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  • Recruiting

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    Ill join ur post...


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        We have what we call "first nighters" basically a night where we show what the post is all about and maybe show off a building search or felony stop. Ahead of time we go to mostly high schools and tell them when the first nighter is and how its an interesting group for Law Enforcement types.
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          From my experience as an Explorer many years ago, we had the same problems. Our roster would fluctuate and there was really only a handful of truly, active members during my 6 1/2 year tenure. It's very hard to recruit because there are so few people interested in such things in that age group. Most kids prefer to party, smoke dope and get in trouble than better themselves. Most of the members in my post were children of cops really. A few of us (including me) were not and had a strong desire to do the job.

          I went to a school about probably 1200 or more (I had almost 400 in my class alone) and I think there were only 3 or 4 of us total from my school at most. We had two high schools in my city, so there were a few from the larger school, but even so, it's hard to get people. You probably won't have much success with either of your recruiting methods and 3,000 brochures will end up in the trash can unfortunately.

          I don't know what a good recruiting promo is really. We used to do "drug safety programs" at stores where we would bring out 2 or 3 tables full of drugs, paraphernalia and the best part, about a 75 lb glass jar full of seized pills that we handcuffed an Explorer to just to get peoples' attention. We had a lot of interest in who we were and what we did, but I don't know how many actually joined as a result of meeting us at Wal-Mart, etc.


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            Honestly I think recruiting comes and goes in waves. When I was a cadet and just starting out I joined with about 40 others. However the last two years there were only about 20 new cadets that made it through their academy and stuck with the program. This year their numbers are up again. I suggest you think back to when you joined and try to go about a similar method of recruiting.


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              We pretty much do First Nighters and have SWAT or K9 come out as part of the first night and explain everything that we do and what all is involved. WE SEND OUT PRESS RELEASES to the newspapers about our first night for any youth interested in joining to attend and what we are about, this usually gets us alot of people


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                Do you have an annual scout show within your council? If so, you could recruit from the pool of scouts that attend the show. You could even end up attracting explorers that are currently members of other posts that are not law enforcement explorers.
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                  We used to host "Recruiting Nights" with donuts, pizza, soda. As folks would come in we would hand out flyers and such, and some members actively walked around the plaza (our post was in a substation in a shopping plaza) and talked to folks and handed out brochures.
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