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    What about the other explorer thats a bragger wantsabadge? You cant just pick out one.


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      Originally posted by H.P.D.700X View Post
      ok so ive been quite as long as i could on this but this all started as a lets flop them out on the table and see whos is bigger. (bragging)

      now mpdexplorer,

      how long have you been a commander or whatever the h*ll yall call it?
      you need to get the sh*t kicked out of you b/c well.... your an idiot and what gives explorers a bad name. has your post or team won a national competition since you have had a rank. get off your ***** and actually do something. all you have done is brag and its bull. you are an explorer just like the other kids below you. and they may act like they like you but they prolly do not if i was one of your corprals or sgts i would tell you to go fu(k yourself.
      and where is your advisors your a child and should not be handling post money end of story. you have an ego problem and that is what would get you killed on the streets. you have a lot of growing up to do before you should even think about being in law enforcement.

      all you are is an officers b*tch
      MPDEXPLORER you going to take that???


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        I feel a need to chime in on this subject.

        I have been an explorer since August 2007, and in that time, I've learned a couple things along the way.

        First, and foremost, a good leader is never above his men and women. I have never, and will never, ask any explorer below, equal, or above me, to do something that I would not do myself, or have not done myself.

        For example, I would not ask any explorer to shine his or her boots every night, as I have not done that myself, nor would I do it. However, I wouldn't feel wrong in asking an explorer to study his or her materials for an hour every month, as I have done that myself, and do study my materials for an hour each month.

        I also keep in mind, that I am an explorer. I am nothing more. Rank, ideally, is more so gaining responsibility, than any sort of "power". Albeit, there is some command, but it's a lot more responsibility than it is "power".

        I think ranks are a great thing, don't get me wrong; but when used inappropriately, ranks can be downright ugly.
        Explorer A.S.


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          I was an Explorer for close to five years and made rank during my tenure. I saw a lot of Explorers join and leave the program as they either realized their dream of law enforcement or decided to pursue other avenues of interest.

          The Explorers who were successful with the program generally shared a common demeanor; one of humility, selflessness, a gratitude to the community, and a willingness to serve. Explorers are not law enforcement officers by any stretch of the imagination, and as a former Explorer I will be the first to recognize the benefits and limitations of the program.

          The program is designed to provide teenagers with a general view of law enforcement that isn't afforded to the general public. Yes, Explorers are nothing more than the average citizen, but they've been exposed to more aspects of police work than the average person.

          Part of the adolescent stage is trying to identify with something. Depending on an individual's social network, the Explorer program can be an incredible ego boost, especially if one has a perceived sense of "rank" over peers. I know it went straight to my head when I was 14 and had "rank" over 18 year-olds, but I didn't abuse my perceived "authority" to dictate worthless orders to anyone. I enjoyed being in the mix of things and getting my hands dirty, but I also had the ability to delegate (key word!) responsibilities when I was assigned the task.

          I never thought I was a cop. I practically worshiped the ground walked on by officers, but I respected them for their accomplishments and abilities and didn't try to squeeze into a role to which I was not entitled.

          Maturity is the deciding factor in a person's success in the Explorer program. Most Explorers understand that it's supposed to be a FUN, relatively safe learning environment while others see it as a chance to ride in a patrol car and look cool.


          For the people on here, remember that your actions as an Explorer will be remembered by your Post Advisors and other department personnel when you turn twenty-one and apply for a sworn position.


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