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    Our post is in danger, we do not perform enough activities to keep our explorers busy, we have no training schedule or ideas. What do you do? What kind of things do you go over as training? We are a new post that has a young officer as an advisor, neither of us are sure where to go from here. Please send me some ideas.
    Aplication submitted 2-18-09
    PT with SSPD on 2-27-09

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    My post just does classes as meetings, with very little training. Yet, we do have a lot of details, some of which pay the post to work those events.

    Our meetings from the 2007-2008 year contained:

    Fire Department tour, PD tour, Dispatch Tour, First Aid, K-9 Demonstration, ERT/SWAT, Defensive Tactics, Criminal Investigations Division, Building Searches, and Traffic Stops.

    We also had a 2.5 mile run with no time limit to graduate and a test with about 60 of the most used radio codes to use a radio. Unfortunately, these were not really enforced by the advisors strongly.

    If you are in need of details, I don't know how they are scheduled because my post is not new, but I'd recommend that you have your advisor find out about local events and ask if they need traffic direction/parking or unarmed security at their events. In my post's case, some organizations will pay a lot just to have the uniformed presence, despite the lack of being LEOs.


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      Hi Explorer587,

      I liked what Drumma said.

      You of course remember your BSA motto "Be Prepared". Now that you guys are Explorers, you have to find new ways to be prepared. Your asking questions on a police forum is a good example of one way to do that.

      I suggest that as a group, you could do some things similar to the following:

      Learn about what constitutes preparedness for being the police:
      What are the educational requirements?
      What are the problems the police handle?
      What are the personal physical and mental fitness requirements?
      How can good study habits be cultivated?
      What are the laws the police enforce?
      What discretion is available to the police?
      How can one develop good judgement?
      What about good work habits?
      What about discipline?

      Everyone in the post should have a copy of a practice exam book,
      to be prepared for the written exam.

      Everyone should learn about what might be a disqualifier, and everyone should bring some information about that to a meeting and contribute it to everyone else.

      Everyone should learn about something that might enhance desirability to an agency, and contribute that to everyone else.

      You should discuss how to avoid bad habits, and how to cultivate beneficial habits.

      You should learn about tactical matters, such as threat awareness, use of duty gear, and appropriate caution.

      You should cultivate mental calmness and emotional control, without losing your ability to bring to bear a sense of urgency when necessary.

      You should try to learn about when to be serious, and when a little humor might help.

      You should try to learn about when severity is appropriate, and when a soft word might better keep the peace.

      Learn to be reliable to one another and to rely on one another.

      Learn to be courageous without being foolhardy.

      Learn something that requires memorizing and following redundant safety procedures.

      When you've done some work on learning what to practice, practice a lot.

      Don't obsess on anything. You still have other things going on in your lives. Try to keep a sense of balance and proportion.

      Try to identify decisions that you could make that could help or injure your prospects. Try to support another in making the right decisions and in not making counterproductive decisions.

      Try to develop good work habits outside of school. I don't mean you should all go get jobs, but I think you should all do something that helps you to learn by experience what job responsibility means.

      Look at the fitness standards for the agencies in your areas, and help one another to be motivated to surpass them, and try to ensure that all of you surpass them. Practice together and measure performance. Chart the progress in achieving goals. Provide positive reinforcement to one another.

      Everyone should remember the CS-BSA Promise to "Do My Best", and you should encourage one another accordingly.

      Do some observations together and individually, not of impeaceable activity specifically, but to learn to pay attention to detail and to themes. Discuss little things and bigger picture things together.

      Bring newspaper clippings in about matters of police concern and have discussions. Let the discussions be lively, but orderly. Rotate people in and out of moderator positions.

      Learn to do things by vote, and by chain of command.

      Vote someone to be supervisor, and then follow his lead. Choose someone else next time, so everyone will understand how it feels both to take orders and to give orders. Don't be too fussy about it. You're learning.

      How do we live together peaceably in society?

      What are some of challenges faced by members of your group, and by society in general?

      Best wishes to all of you in your exploration and aspiration.

      Please be safe.


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        We have many LEOs as advisors so we do A LOT of hands on stuff if that helps
        Cant wait to get out there!!!

        Richard Francis 1948 - 2008
        Killed in the line of duty.


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          thanks for the help so far and keep it all coming if you can. Any advisors out there that can add as well please do.

          Aplication submitted 2-18-09
          PT with SSPD on 2-27-09


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            Try the Learning for Life website. The study guides will help you with the hands on part of exploring and also help your post prepare for the National Conference in 2010 just in case.


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