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Blackhawk Serpa Ii Or Iii A Life Saver?


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  • Blackhawk Serpa Ii Or Iii A Life Saver?

    I was wondering if anybody has a story about an Officer wearing a Blackhawk Serpa duty holster in level II
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    I carry the Blackhawk Serpa Level II and feel confident with it. While I don't have any experience with a gun grab with this holster I can tell you about 3 years ago I had a male during a felony arrest warrant service grab my Glock and try and disarm me from a Safariland 6280.

    When he pulled up it actually made the gun more secure in the holster, I ended up breaking his arm in 2 places and he ended up in the ER.

    He had ran from the house we were doing the warrant service on and I pursued him down the street and into an alley, my partner was several blocks behind me trying to get to my location. The Male suddenly stopped when he was cornered and couldn't make a fence so he decided to fight me. Very close quaters, by the time my partner got to me I had already subdued him and he was screaming in pain. My partner said he could see it and if he had been there he said he would have shot the male without question.

    He is also very lucky he didn't get sliced because when that sort of thing happens all you can think about is living no matter what and I did momentarily think of going for my Benchmade which is support side. It's amazing how your training kicks in, I had done everything I was taught about gun retention in all those years of training classes.

    I hope I'm never in that predicament ever again and you as well.

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      I love my Serpa level II. I'm, not an officer, but an armored truck guard. I used to wear a Safariland 6280, and while I love that holster, my external vest kept pushing down on the hood, causing the hood to move forward, exposing my gun to anyone who wanted to grab it. I constantly had to lock the hood back after bending over etc.

      With the serpa, I feel that my gun is much more secure. If you pull up on the gun before pressing the release button, it is very difficult to push it in. While if the gun is sitting stationary, push the button in first and the gun slides out smooth as butter. Someone's first instinct is to grab and pull up on the gun, then they realize they have to push the button to release it. By then you are fighting them off.


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