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  • fenix tk11 nylon case/holder

    Anyone know of a good nylon flashlight holder that would be compatible with the Fenix TK11 flashlight? I prefer Bianchi, but anything that is nylon and black will do.

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    Here's a few ideas for the TK-11 Holster:

    That question would probably have the highest chance of being answered at the premier light-geek forum: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/...splay.php?f=55

    That unit is so new, I doubt the channel has anything out yet (or at least hasn't confirmed it will fit their existing product line). You may get lucky with a kydex solution from Bladetech; I'd measure OD and see if it will match the ID of any of their existing products. You could also starting emailing other holster manufacturers with the specs to see what they might have. If all else fails, you might need to settle on a nylon solution from Blackhawk or Eagle.

    One other thought: If the Head is no more than 1.25"W and the body is +/- 1"W (and the 1" portion of the body is free to accept the locking "claws" from 2.25" thru 3.5" from muzzle), then the Blackhawk Tec-lock holster for the Gladius Nighthawk should fit it. I use mine on a few 1" body lights and it works great. It has a removable rubber locking strap as well that makes it equivalent to a level 2 retention.

    BTW, How do you light the light? I'm considering it myself, but I'm also considering upgrading my Gladius to the Cree Q5 LED for $60. (Since I really like the switch system on the Gladius.)

    Good luck! Re-post if you find a good solution!
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      The TK10 fits in Bianchi's Accumold Elite flashlight holder designed to fit the Streamlight Scorpion. I use the open loop, not the closed top holder, so that's all I can attest to. Obviously, you can't use the tactical "cigar" ring if you're going to these holders.

      AKAIK, the TK11 is the same size (might want to double check that). The measurements on the Fenix site are the same.
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        Thanks a lot Resq , and SoCalXD I can't honestly say whether I like the light yet or not. My batteries/charger hasn't come in yet. I do hear a lot of good things about it though.


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          I asked this question a few weeks back, only I was looking for a basket weeve style. If anyone is interested in the basket weeve one, Resq14 answered the question here - http://forums.officer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=95433

          The tk11 is a excellent choice.. I love mine.


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            occ - how often do you have to charge the batteries?
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              I just got the tk11 end of last month, and I'm using non-rechargeable at the moment. Also I'm not a night shift guy, so I don't get to use it a whole lot. It's supposed to last 4 hours on the turbo mode and about 11 hours on the regular mode.
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