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Open top cuff cases.


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  • Open top cuff cases.

    Any one using them? If so what brands and a web link as well, if you please.

    Also, why open top cases versus regular ones? What advantages do you see in one or the other?

    I am re-exploring the option of using them so any and all input is wecome.

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    Matter of preference....I used to carry my second pair of cuffs in them...on the front of my duty belt. Safariland
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      I prefer cuff straps...
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        I use safariland open top cuff cases for my Hiatt hinged cuffs. I prefer then to the closed top just because i can access them fast in a stress full situation. I wear my cuffs on my back and i have never had a problem reaching them in a fight.

        I used to use cuff straps but stopped when they got hung up on a fence while jumping it.


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          I too keep a set of open top (Asp Brand) case in the front of my belt with my hinged cuffs. I keep a set of chained on my back. I like the open top for the speed as well.


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            I actually made a post about this in the last couple days under "" it was more about how good the service was but I was talking about open topped handcuff cases the link is below for the ones I'm getting two of each, four in all, two for my nylon set up and two for my leather set up: (they both have molded internal retention so no straps needs which makes for easy access)

            Bianchi 22964 AccuMold 7334 Open Cuff Case This Bianchi Accumold Cuff case is lightweight yet durable. Holds one pair of standard or linked handcuffs. Check out our other Bianchi Accumold products to complete your duty rig. AccuMold trilaminate construction Ballistic weave exterior and Coptex® lining 2.25" sewn web belt loop

            Safariland Open Top Handcuff Pouch - Model 090 The Safariland thermal-formed Safari-Laminate handcuff pouch holds standard handcuffs firmly in place. Choose from plain, basketweave, gloss or nylon look finish. Fits 1 pair of standard chain handcuffs. For use with belts up to 2.25" wide. CopsPlus carries the full line of Safariland police gear.


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              I wear two of the Safariland open top, very durable and a good look.

              Little horror story about them: First day in court straight off of FTO, I was sitting there waiting to hear my docket. I finally hear my name..I go to stand up and a pair of cuffs gets hooked on the bench. Then I see the cuff go flying in the air and land on the bench. So ya, watch out for those benches!


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                Fobus open top with S&W hinged cuffs.
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                  I wear a Bianchi open top cuff case for my Peerless chain cuffs.

                  Love it, and I've never had a problem with the cuffs falling out or anything like that.
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                    1 Closed top single case (because it was issued and free)

                    and 1 strap with 1 2 sets of cuffs depending on the weather.

                    I don't have a big giant gut like some people so that means my belt has a lot less realestate on it. The only way for me to fit more cuffs was the strap.

                    One of these days I may just go with 2 straps and 4 cuffs. The more the merrier and they get lots of use.
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