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    Hey all,

    I was wondering what radios you guys use for work? Any recommendations

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    I have a 16 channel (only have about 11 programmed) Motorola HT1000. It's a behemoth of a radio, but it transmits and receives well, can scramble/descrable, scan, and it has a panic button. My battery lasts forever. Only portable I have with a lapel mic.

    I have a Motorola P110 that holds six channels and does not scan. I don't use it for "work." It was given to me by the volunteer fire dept. I joined about five years ago. I'm still on it so I still have it, but I don't use it. It also works very well, but it doesn't scan. It's also behemoth.

    Additionally, I have a 16 channel, scanning, Vertex portable that I bought for miscellanous purposes. It wasn't expensive, and I got it all back in taxes. It receives very well, and it transmits well for its size. It's very small with, I think, four watts. It's the only portable radio I have with an LCD screen so I can read what channel I have it on. I also have a Vertex VX3200 mobile radio in my personal truck that is a "tax back" kind of thing that I purchased for those same miscellaneous purposes. It's a 25-50 watt (you can crank it up lol) with 128 channel capacity and LCD display. Got it online for a mere $265.

    My Frequencies and not programmed in this order

    PD repeater
    PD tac
    FD repeater
    FD tac
    SO repeater
    SO alternate repeater
    SO tac
    Rural Fire repeater
    RF alt. rep.
    RF alt. rep.
    RF alt. rep.
    RF alt. rep.
    RF tac
    Another FD
    Game and Fish
    State Parks
    Hwy. Police
    Some SO's in other counties
    Some PD's in other cities and FD's
    a few others
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      Are you looking to buy a personal portable or mobile radio?

      VHF or UHF?

      Analog or P25?

      Conventional or trunked?


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        Motorola XTS5000. Great radio, if it is programmed correctly.
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          my department gives me my radio...its a 800mgz Motorola XTS2500 with lapel mic.......works ok I guess.
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            I have been issued an Motorola HT1000 with lapel mic. It works great


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