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Best compact duty flashlight 2021 edition


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  • Best compact duty flashlight 2021 edition

    Folks, my uniform allowance has come in and I am in need of a compact, rechargeable duty light to replace my worn out Stinger. What do you all recommend? Pros? Cons? I plan to keep the Stinger in my car as a backup and use the smaller light as my main light (also have a weapon light mounted on my duty sidearm).
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    Do you get batteries for free? I used a Fenix LD22. 300 lumens. Two AA batteries. About the size of a cigar. $50.
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      Post the question on CPF.



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        I have an old school Streamlight Stinger I used on my last deployment, 2003-2004. They don’t make the model anymore, and I’ve converted it to LED. I keep it on a charger and it goes on the duty belt on the rare occasion I work nights.

        For normal use I have several single-output Surefire G2Xs. Small, straightforward, powerful enough for car and building searches... and small enough to mount on weapons. I use them on shotguns and some of my rifles, as well as on my belt.

        When I work after dark, the Stinger goes on the belt and the G2X goes in a pocket.
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          Inova T4 docking station rechargeable.


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            Streamlight Strion LED HL. But check out the Streamlight Stinger 2020, I'm excited to see one of those (I don't know if they're out yet).
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              I use a Pal+ NEBO. It is just as bright as my large duty flashlight and is rechargeable.


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                I wouldn't say I liked this flashlight. When I was going to buy it, I read a lot of comments that said it was really powerful. I love camping, and I really need flashlights when I travel. I live in a camp consisting of one tent or several tents (if I'm going with friends) and a small "kitchen area." We use flashlights to go somewhere at night or to check if everything is okay. Sometimes we sit outside until it gets dark and use the flashlight to make something or have tea. But this one was too weak, so I could barely see anything beyond my hands. I replaced it with a vont flashlight, which is much more powerful.
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                  Stinger 2020, not super compact, but it’s bright and palm size.



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                    I've been having issues finding a light I like. Went with a nitecore light from China off Amazon. It had great reviews it lasted 3 months, right outside of the time to ship it back to Amazon, and to use the warranty I would have had to ship it back to China.

                    Then I got a Surefire Gx, yeah the cheapest Surefire but i expected more from the name. with VERY limited use batteries would last MAYBE an hour with usage.

                    Now I have another light from China that is USB-C rechargeable. So far so good besides I activated it by mistake in the holster.

                    I have a friend that spent big money on a Mod-Light. Im trying not to go that route but might. I also like smaller flashlights that can go inside a outer carrier or that are comfortable and do not take up too much space on a duty belt.


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