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Warmest jacket / bomber with side zipper?


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  • Warmest jacket / bomber with side zipper?

    Hi all,

    I'm on a quest to firm the warmest jacket possible that has size zippers for your firearm/taser (left and right sid

    I've narrowed down my choice to 2 options but i cannot find them in the size and color of choice.

    - Constable parka by Canada Goose
    Unfortunately it's discontinued and I can't find a medium size in navy blue.

    - Maitland parka has the perfectly cut side zippers, not as long as Constable parka. I really like this jacket, however I called every single store and visited every single authorized reseller website, including US, Europe and Asia.
    I could not find the Maitland parka in Admiral Blue color and medium size.
    My agency is very strict on color and that's why I need to have the same color as uniform kit.
    The Maitland parka in available in what they call the "new blue", however that color is probably 5% blue and 95% black. I wish I could find it in their "admiral blue" color.

    I know some will say that Canada Goose is overpriced etc.
    Maybe it is, but I don't know if there's anything better/warmer. And I don't mind paying for to get exactly what I want. I have a civilian Skreslet parka, and nothing else I've tried from other companies matches their warmth.

    I also run very cold so warmth is important.

    My friend suggested I get Arcteryx LEAF Cold WX jacket. He said he wore it at -40C and was super warm.
    I tried wearing it under my softshell jacket at 5C with some wind and I was actually uncomfortably cold.

    I've heard of a few companies making warm jackets, such as the triple fat goose, moncler, quartz, North face, outdoor survival canada etc. but the difficulty is finding one with a side zipper. I need the jacket to cover the belt and have a little but of a zipper on the side for the firearm.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    One more option that I found
    Outdoor Survival Canada Akiak jacket.
    Not sure if posting links is allowed


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      What does your agency issue/specify?


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        What is issued is not publicly available, it's manufactured to the specs through a tender/contact.

        As long as the color is similar and it has side zipper, it will be fine. Darker variations of blue would work.

        I like the Outdoor Survival Canada parka, my only reservation is the fit. It's kinda baggy.
        I really loved how the Mainland parka fit me but I don't have OSC store anywhere near me to try it on. I found a review on YouTube and I'm not impressed with how it fits.

        If I don't find anything better, I'll probably go with OSC and order one size down.


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          Why aren’t you wearing your issue coat? Add some thermals if you’re cold.


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