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Setting up a duty belt


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  • Setting up a duty belt

    Hi there. It has been a bit since I have posted anything. Well I am the one that is a CJ student that was going to attend our academy while still at my other school. Anyway I could not afford the tuition. Now I have been asked to look into joining our Colorado Mounted Patrol. This is the oldest LE in our state, from when this was still a territory. Now heres the dis. The duty belt needed. I have an old basket weave setup that hasn't seen use for about 38 yrs or so. Heres my question. Given what I need to come up with and cost of leather, would I be better off to go with nylon? The way I look at I might be off just starting over. The old stuff was my fathers from when he was a cop. I will be using a .357 because thats what I have other than a 5 shot snubby. We can use either a revolver or magazine type.

    Well this is not paid patrol, but they train right next to the PD, SO and FD. I was to attend a meeting on the 4th of next month. The capt called me and told to be at a training this Monday the 21st for training with flight for life in S&R rough terrain and landing and retrieval stuff. It is a start at least. These are sworn and deputized folks so I am looking forward to it. The bad part is of course they dont offer a uniform allowance. So along with the unis I need to come up with equipment. Now isn't that a rare story? lol At any rate with some advice I will be shopping the adds here. I am not sure how long it will be before I will need to have all the gear. I would appreciate any advice other than what I will hear. Also any other nudges where to find some bargains.

    Heres a link to the required equipment and well you can see what the Mounted Patrol is as well:

    Here what I have to start with:

    Basket weave stuff;

    Belt, new and an old one
    Open and enclosed cuff cases w/ S&W chain cuffs
    1 dbl speed loader, 1 single
    Key holders
    2 holsters, one snap swiveled, one fixed
    glove holders? A couple cases about 3 1/2"s wide and a flat bar like thing to hang something from?
    Old brass baton ring

    Heres what I need:

    ASP w/case
    OC w/case
    Raido pouch
    Knife and case
    Flash light w/case

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    Many find that nylon gear is more comfortable than leather. The baton ring could double as a flashlight ring if it is the right size. If you gear is 38 years old, it might be worth it to buy a new nylon belt. Also, buy good quality gear. Something like a Streamlight or Mag-charger, not just a cheapie Mag-lite. You need to buy your OC spray as well? You say it is not paid patrol. So it is basically all volunteer? Seems like a lot of expense for no money.


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      Check some of the gun shops in your area ask them if they have any equipment that was traded in. I started the same way you are. Sheriff's Posse no pay had to buy everything myself. Still have the same brown basketweave leather gear I started with 29 years ago. I am now the current Sheriff.
      Take your time, in a hurry


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        I served for a year in the Colorado Mounted Rangers in the Colorado Springs troop before a conflict arose with my schedule (midnights) at the time.... I resigned shortly after. I used a nylon rig, also the same stuff I wore for my security job at the time, and it was comfortable. I just bought another rig to wear with my class B's when they arrive in July.

        You can find a cheap nylon set that contains most of everything you need (belt, OC case, baton holder, flashlight holder, key ring, radio holster, mag case, etc...) on ebay through a merchant called ultimatearms. I got mine for 44.00 plus shipping. I dont recommend using his holster but you can pick up any others elsewhere. I wouldn't go cheap on the holster personally. feel free to PM me on anything else you want to know about the rangers or your gear setup.


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          Thanks for the great info. Honestly I am leaning towards the nylon stuff. The leather I have has been locked in my gun cabinet for the past 20 years. It is in great shape, but I am not vain about looking 'cool'. Yes it is volunteer and this is alot of gear. I am not in hurry because I don't even know yet when I need to have the equipment. I am set to graduate this coming Dec., But like anything else experience is what is needed.

          Yep no pay but here you have to be P.O.S.T. certified to apply. I checked with the board and unless you went to an academy or were an officer in another state you can't take the test. $44.00? Thats sounds like the ticket. I live in Canon City and we are the prison capital of the world. However unless you work for the doc pay isn't that great. Officer in N. Las Vegas make about dbl. Cost of livin is crock. Property and anything else costs as much here as anywhere else.

          Well thanks for the info again. I am going slow as I don't expect to hit the ground running.


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            If you get POST.. look at northern CO... cheaper housing and higher pay. Thats where we're looking at anyways.. windsor, ft collins, weld county area.


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              Well actually I was accepted and enrolled in our local Academy and was supposed to start back in Jan. Bummer cause I would have been finishing this month. Also I was accepted into our state patrol academy just 2 months ago. I could do the local because the money part fell apart, and then the patrol I couldn't due to the 7 week isolation while still in the school I am in now. So with that I next year to look at, but what comes till then I have no idea. Bummer to because our PD has 3 open positions, but P.O.S.T. still. I have decided to see where the road leads me rather than trying to rush things. The rangers will give me an idea if this is truly something I want to do, so far I have no doubts.


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                An entirely volunteer police agency? Interesting.

                I'd go ahead and buy new stuff if I were you including a new semiauto pistol with night sights and two extra magazines. I'd choose nylon or leather based on what the uniform looks like. If it's a tactical oriented uniform then by all means nylon, but if it's a traditional, "dressy" style then leather would only fit, in my opinion. Bianch PatrolTek makes some neat looking nylon gear that I've seen and like. All my nylon is Uncle Mike's. Most of my leather is Don Hume although there's a bit of Safariland. I'm not sure if its quality, but the Gall's brand leather is inexpensive. Regardless, all this will be tax deductible.


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                  Originally posted by ArkansasFan24 View Post
                  An entirely volunteer police agency? Interesting.
                  not a police agency... just an armed not for profit security force that works along side with local law enforcement. they primarily provide parking direction and limited security. they get funds for instructors and equipment through donations. state certification is not required as a peace officer for this organization but they certify you by post standards in firearms and defensive tactics and train you in the OC and baton if you choose. none of it is a requirement to attend.


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