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Trouble with holster bouncing


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  • Trouble with holster bouncing

    Hi. I am currently employed as an armed guard and have a quick question about my holster. My set up is a standard nylon duty belt (about 2 years old and lined with velcro) with the typical gear on the belt. My holster is an Uncle Mike's Pro 3 slimline and is positioned at 3 o'clock. I have belt keepers on either side of the hoslter securing it to a nylon belt (lined with velcro).

    I have noticed that when I run the holster bounces against my leg. While I do not foresee this as being a significant problem, this is somewhat annoying. I was wondering if there was any way to better secure the holster. The only thing that came to mind is to buy a new nylon belt, but I was wondering if there was anything else I could do instead to better secure the holster. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    do you wear an underbelt lined with velcro?
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      Yes, I have a nylon belt (it is similar to the one here) that is lined with velcro to which I secure the duty belt. I also use belt keepers around the more heavey equipment to help keep it secure (such as the holster). I thought this would be sufficient, but I am thinking either I have something set up wrong or the duty belt is in need of replacing (hoping for the former though).


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        If possible, get a higher-riding holster.

        I stole a high ride Uncle Mike's adapter for my slim Pro-3. It rides great, but the draw is now dangerously difficult.

        I'm switching to a Safariland ALS/SLS high ride. One thing I like with Safariland holsters is that your velcro belts can lock together behind the holster because of the mount design. This would also reduce holster movement.
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          Resq14 is right. A high ride holster doesn't bounce around as much. Any jacket slot or drop holster will bounce a bit no matter how well secured it is. The Uncle Mike's have always seemed a bit prone to this in my experience as well. I have very little problem with my Safariland 070.


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            How often do you run? More importantly, why? LOL.


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              Sorry about not responding in a while. I have been pretty busy at work. Thank you all for the replies. I guess I'll have to put up with it for now, and look into getting a new holster in the near future.

              ArkansasFan, to answer your question, I am a private security guard at a place open to the public. When we are busy, we end up having to respond to fight calls, to which we run. Also, if there is a significant disorderly group (depending what it is), we might run to the call as well (the location of where I work prevents us from driving vehicles).

              Thanks again for your help.


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                We were taught in our academy that if you have to run, you should hold your hand on your gun. This may help the problem with out having to buy any other gear.?
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                  A better quality (than Uncle Mike's), high ride holster (as mentioned above) will help greatly.
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