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    Evening All

    Currently going through the academy in Queensland, Australia but was hoping for some insight. Belt wise i'm hating the inconvenience of keepers so as an alternative if using an inner velcro belt would that afford the strength to negate the need for keepers?

    Secondly, i've seen the terms "gun belt" and "war belt" on a few stores which just look like very thin duty belts. Would something like this be strong enough to run on its own for supporting a thigh holster, tazer and double mag? We are all issued with Load Bearing Vests so if I can get down to a single belt that would be awesome. Any advice would be much appreciated, attached below is a link of an example of what i'm talking about.

    Thanks very much lads,

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    Keepers literally take seconds to put on and are worth their weight in gold. Velcro isn't enough to hold your belt up especially in a retention situation. Velcro inner belt plus keepers will keep your belt locked in place no matter what. Don't try to reinvent the wheel and don't be lazy.


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      Keepers are awesome, and you can hang keys from them. Seriously, I have used keepers with Velcro inner belts for 20+ years...use them! Thigh holsters are good, but....try running with them...they suck for every day patrol, great for SWAT when you are running a lot of gear on your upper body. If you have to use them, get them as high on your leg as you can.


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        Add me to the proponents of belt keepers.

        As far as a 1.5 inch duty belt for uniform work goes...I sort of expect that would be a difficult task to pull off...at least when compared to more traditional options. Most duty gear I've seen is marketed at 2 inch and 2.25 inch belts. Most 1.5 inch belts I've seen are clearly marketed to the off-duty, minimalistic carry usage.

        That may be a North American thing though. How do other LEOs in Australia typically carry their gear?


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          Mmm...I see what he is talking about now.


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              Here are some links to quality nylon duty belts, listed in no particular order. Also Safariland products are usually a safe bet. If you're going to be in uniform and running a full gear load, I would stay with 2" or 2.25" belts. Velcro lining helps to keep the duty belt in line with your trouser belt, and using velcro lining will cut down on how many keepers you need to run. I would still fix a keepers around your firearm. Also depending on the type of buckle, you might run a keeper to keep your belt from flapping off if your buckle gets unhooked in a scuffle.

              Good luck and let us know what you decide.

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                I've used the Ares Gear duty belt, and it is worth IT'S weight in gold. Its 2" and super supportive. All instagram celebrities are running the Ronin Tactics belt now, which it is legit, but it is only 1.75"
                both belts use an inner velcro belt and state they don't need keepers, and you can run them like this, but as stated above it is more secure with keepers.


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                  Also if you are wanting a thigh holster, I wouldn't recommend the one with a strap that drops it down to your knee and never stays in place, again as stated above, try running with one. It sucks.
                  Look at the safariland DFA, its the same platform except with a much better belt mounted loop and rides at a perfect height with one thigh strap (check youtube for travis haley's video on proper setup of this) I like the platform because it does add the ability to mount another pouch in front of the holster (TOURNIQUET!).
                  Safarialnds low ride UBL and add a thigh strap to it.


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