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what are your opions on streamlight stinger LED


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  • what are your opions on streamlight stinger LED

    do you guys think they are any less bright that a regular one .

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    Bought one. Compared to my buddy's Stinger. Mine's brighter. Cost about the same. Strobe. Adjustable light output. And puts the Stinger's battery life to shame.
    I'm happy with mine.


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      They are definitely dimmer than the incandescent model. Even Streamlight says so. They rate the regular Stinger at 125 lumens and the LED model at only 80 Lumens. I can tell from handling one that they are MUCH dimmer than the incan. model.

      My personal opinion: I don't like them one bit. Here's why:

      80 lumens is not much above the output D-cell Mag-Lite, but the light costs five times as much.

      Having used LED lights, I can say that I don't care for the blue-ish tint of LEDs. Even the whitest of the ultra-white LEDs are blue. The lack of the reddish portion of the spectrum impairs color rendition, especially outdoors. This worries me if I am searching for somebody or something.

      On the plus side, run-time is extended. I don't think that is worth the price of 40 lumens of output and putting up with an irritating blue beam.

      For the price, you can get more bang for your buck.


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        A few of our people and a couple of the county canine handlers have the Ultrastinger. They seem pretty happy with them. Depending upon your needs, the Ultrastinger seems tohave an advantage in throw over the issue Magchargers.
        John from Maryland


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