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Q about vests for female officers


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  • Q about vests for female officers

    I was wondering if any of the female officers have tried any vests that are specifically designed for women. Has anyone tried the new SAVVY vests? Their website says they make vests for women:


    My department issues a vest, but I don't mind spending money on something that will be more comfortable, as long as its high quality. Any input or preferences?

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    SAVVY Vest for women

    Any luck with the SAVVY vest? I was looking at ordering the same vest, but have not talked to anyone who has actually worn it on patrol? If you bought it and have tested it out, what did you think?? I would like to do some research before I purchase one myself. Thanks....


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      Most of the major vest manufacturers make vests for women....

      The best way to go about it is to get a vest that is custom fitted to you....dont ever buy one off the rack.....
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        it looks like those vest built for women do not protect your abdomen at all. are regulars mens vest like this also? granted i haven't had to wear one yet but i would think more protection is better then comfort.
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          Okay cover your ears guys.........................

          Wearing a vest can be a conflict of interest!!! Ya wear a bra to hold them up and the vest ends up squishing them flat.

          Most of us women wear sportsbras or just a t-shirt. That way it is not so uncomfortable. There is a female who has big (big big) boobs...she just wears a tshirt.

          I order my vests without a cup size. Once they decided to "give" me a cup size figuring I forgot to fill in the blank. Well...I looked like Madonna. No thank you very much.

          When you get sized....try removing your bra and see the difference.

          I also think the vest is more successful...if it lays flat against your chest.

          Hope this helps
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            WE NEED PICTURES!!!



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              On another note, I heard that implants may stop a bullet!!

              So, ladies with implants will get a little extra protection.



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