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Holster Review - Bianchi Luminator


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  • Holster Review - Bianchi Luminator

    My agency purchased a Bianchi Luminator for me to test for possible approval for duty use. It is Bianchi's version of a holster to accomodate a pistol with a tac light mounted. The holster is Accumold Elite, and has a traditional thumb break and a tension screw at the bottom of the holster body.

    This holster will not make it past the locker room; I will not even try it on the street. First off, it is difficult and slow to get the thumb break snapped. The extension of the holster body that wraps over the top has a tab on the back that is supposed to keep the gun from rocking backward. All it does is keep the thumb break from falling into a natural position, as on the Safariland 070. The next problem is the holster body is molded foam, and does not have the rigidity of hard-shell holsters. Third is the cut-down front. The front of the holster is open all the way to the middle of the ejection port. The only good thing about that is it makes a slightly quicker draw.

    The reasons I will not wear it on duty are because of the thumb break (you need to be able to holster and secure as fast as you can draw) and the lack of retention. I had another deputy grab the holstered Glock. He was able to snatch it with almost no effort, even as I applied a retention technique, albeit my technique was deliberately slow and less-forcefully applied to simulate being fatigued and not having solid leverage, such as when rolling around on the ground. When we did the same thing with my Safariland 6285 equipped with the Hood Guard, he never even got the SLS strap unlatched.

    My opinion is that the Bianchi Luminator is not a good choice for patrol use, and that you should stick with Safariland.
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    The companion holster.


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      Thanks for the review ateamer. Its very timely as I was just about to order one of these to try it out. I had some of the same concerns when looking at it but thought it was worth at least trying. I will be saving my money for some other new toy.


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