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    I will be purchasing a digital voice recorder soon and have a few questions...

    Is there much difference between the high quality, normal quality and low quality recording settings??
    What setting do you normally record on?
    If the device is located in your chest pocket, do you still pick up sufficient sound?
    What make/model do you use?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Research a lot before you buy.

    I bought a Denpa USB24. Its smaller than a mobile phone and I have sat it in my pocket or jacket sleeve. It records reasonably clearly without any interference (the only one I have owned) and comes with a resonance box to help the accoustics on playback. Recording from the sleeve or pocket has been more than ample to capture conversations, even with background noise. I am not sure about the different quality selection (I'm not a whiz on mine) however I imagine high quality will take up much more memory space.

    It also comes with its own program for listening and editing on your PC. I have been unable to copy any recordings onto disc, but I think that is due to me being a thickie and not the product. It has around 9 hours recording time I think.

    I will warn you though, this product does not get good reviews on the net. It is rated very low. So look around, there are clearly ones out there far better.


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      I use a RCA model RP5030A (less than $50 from Walmart). It records in MP3 format so you can upload recordings to any computer, e-mail them were they need to be, and play on anything. 64 Meg gives hours of recordings across 5 folders, and it connects via USB port. Its smaller than most, if not all, flip cellphones if they're opened. Very good quality for the money, and if I break it, I can replace it fast.

      My first recorder needed proprietary software on the computer. Tech Admin guys wouldn't allow it loaded on the work compter. Pain in the behind...
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        Thanks for the replys.

        KenW - Do you record on the highest sound quality setting? Is there much diffence between the settings in terms of quality?



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