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    I am a cadet with my local SO reserves. I have all my duty gear, and my side arm, and was wondering how long does it usually take to figure how I will be most comfortable with the placement of my gear. I have worn my gear a few times for defensive tactics class, and am not sure of the placement of my gear. I also have one of my belt keepers with a hidden handcuff key, I have figured I want that one on the back side of my belt for just in case...Right?
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    Had to wear my belt in some takedown, and defense classes, the one thing my teacher told me is keep nothing near the base of your lower back, that could jab into it. Like ya get into a tussle and you have your radio at the small of your back, it can mess you up. Said if you had a taser try and get a thigh holster just to free some space up, keep handcuffs in a place where you can reach them, or just put a pair on either side, and when I did the classes I had a DynaMed First Aid pouch I kept on my right back area.

    The key Idea is cool, the other thing I know of are the tactical handcuff keys that fit in your pocket like a pen, have one of those.

    I dunno about most LEO's opinions on knives but I love em, always useful. Cold Steel makes a small ring-talon, that can clip on the underside of a belt anywhere, its clearly labled a "last ditch" tool, but I liked that it can fit anywhere and not poke you.
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      I like having a pair of cuffs in the front opposite of the weapon hand at about 11 o'clock. I use a cuff strap for the front cuffs. I also have another pair in a standard cuff pouch at about 4 o'clock. Keeping the rear clear is important not only if you end up in a scramble but also so you don't change the way you sit, this will help prevent back problems. It took me a month or so to get everything where i want it. I also keep OC on my side not in front. A friend on mine used to carry an Mk3 in front and he got in a scramble and the can got crushed/broken and it ended up burning his leg, luckily it ONLY got his leg and not his daddy parts. I would advise keeping any chemical agents away from your business area (front or rear). Good luck.
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        it took me about a good month to get my setup where i like it. you really have to just change it everytime something doesnt feel right and after awhile you find out what works for you


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          Trial and error, then repeat as necessary.
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