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Best quality (widest/thickest) leather duty belt


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  • Best quality (widest/thickest) leather duty belt

    Hello everybody,

    After working a couple of years working in law enforcement i had to replace my duty belt (I gained some weight...). I used to have a classic leather sam browne Bianchi B1 duty belt which was excellent. When I tried to re-order this belt I was told that Bianchi/Safariland doesn't produce the B1 model anymore, but that I could order the B2 Sam Browne 'Patroltek' belt instead or one of the newer laminate models.
    I decided to order this Patroltek belt, but I am actually very disappointed with it. It is much thinner (one single layer of leather) than the previous B1 belt and the quality is not what it used to be, and some stuff is simply sliding around on my belt, which I dont like (on my Bianchi B1 everything was tight in place). I then looked for some other brands and saw some duty belts from Boston Leather and Dutyman. However stuff was also sliding on those belts...and when I actually measured the width it appeared to be closer to 2 1/8" and definitely not 2.25"

    My question is: What is in your opinion the widest, thickest and best quality leather duty belt on the market now? I definitely want to stick to real leather (no substitutes or laminates), the classic model with two prong buckle, plain leather or 4-row stitching (no basketwave), but it should be thick, strong, and at least 2.25" wide.
    Which brand and type would you recommend ?? What do you guys wear, who still wear leather duty gear?

    I heard some good stories about Tex and Shoemaker, but I haven't seen them in any shop, and I don't want to order it online before I am 100% sure that it is OK. Anybody familiar with them?
    I would also be very happy if I could still re-order the Bianchi B1 (the old model) somewhere, but so far I haven't found it...maybe somebody has some tips?

    Maybe I am a bit 'picky' about this, but I simply want the best possible product.
    Is it just me... or is the selection and quality of leather duty belts really going down and is leather getting out of fashion ??

    Thanks a lot in advance for your tips and advice !

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    Everything from Safariland is synthetic. Dutyman is crap quality, and Boston Leather isn't much better. The last I saw, Tex Shoemaker is great quality. Also look at Don Hume and Aker.
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      Bianchi Accumold Elite is the best I've found, there's a reason real leather isn't being made, it sucks for patrol.
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        How many forums and discussion boards are you going to spam with this same question...


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          If you really want leather, I would recommend Don Hume. I agree with others that Safariland is probably a better product in a leather look. For nylon I would look at Ares Gear or Volund Gearworks duty belts.
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