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Flashlight and holster for rig


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  • Flashlight and holster for rig

    looking for a new light and holster for my rig. Unsure of what to get. I like the plastic holsters like 5.11 and black hawk make that swivel. Also the 5.11 a1 or l1 light.

    Not looking the break the bank. Any recommendations?

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    There are lots of brands out there now with a wide variety of flashlights that cover a lot of different needs.

    Do some research on Candlepower Forums. You have a whole community of flashlight nerds there that know every brand and variety and can recommend a flashlight to your exact specifications: cost, size, flood vs throw, runtime, brightness, different modes like strobe, weight, ability to accept accessories like traffic wands and much more.

    I'd also recommend looking at products by Fenix, WolfEyes, Olight, Nitecore and EagleTac. Surefire make good lights but can also be expensive. I've heard Streamlight, Malkoff, Pelican and Elzetta also make good torches but they don't seem to be very common in Australia so I can't say from personal experience.

    I did have a Blackhawk flashlight once in a plastic holster. The car seat pushed it out of the holster when I was sitting and it fell out when I was out of the car. Never found it again. I'd recommend a belt pouch that has a folding flap that fastens or a holster that doesn't allow the torch to be pushed out by car seats or caught on seatbelts.


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