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    Originally posted by slamdunc View Post
    Between rotating, maintaining and repairing them, I get several years out of each pair. Not only are they broken in and very comfortable, but at nearly $300 a pair now, I can use my clothing allowance for something else, like new guns.

    I've still got two serviceable pairs that I started wearing in 2000. They don't look exactly new, but they would easily pass inspection.

    That's probably why they last you so long. At $300 a pair you're paying almost 3 times what I pay. What kind do you get? Maybe it's time for me to invest a better pair.


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      Originally posted by NJGuy View Post
      That's probably why they last you so long. At $300 a pair you're paying almost 3 times what I pay. What kind do you get? Maybe it's time for me to invest a better pair.
      I buy the Danners for the most part but I bought two pairs or Rocky Eliminators on sale for $179 a pair in 2006 and they both still look like new after one re-soling.

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        I'll second rotating boots.

        I'm not big on spending $300 on a single pair of boots. I'll wait until I find a good clearance deal somewhere for a decent boot in the $30-$50 range. I'll buy insulated, side-zip, hot-weather, steel/composite toe or whatever and closet them. That way, I usually rotate through 6-8 pairs and I pretty much have every season, every situation covered as it comes up each day. I grab the boot I want for that day and run with it.


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          Originally posted by NJGuy View Post
          Sounds like you guys all like those Danner Acadia but I tell you what...that's a one ugly boot. Comfort is the most important so find a boot that fits well on your feet. They pretty much all go to crap after a year or two.
          As opposed to which sexy looking boots? I bought the Acadia's on sale and have been wearing them for 6 years, so not sure who's info your parroting? I've tried several other kinds of boots, but keep coming back to the Acadia's. In a wet/cold environment there isn't a better choice. In the south I loved wearing tennis shoes, not so much here.
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            Figure grave digging this thread from 1 year ago was better than grave digging the Duty Boots!! thread from 2008.
            I've been wearing Rocky Paratroopers (2 pair) for the last 8 years or so. First pair were great, wore them down, then someone on eBay thought they were not worn enough and bought them. I'm on my second pair, and they have not held up as well. I've had them for several years but they have not been worn often, due to being in detectives, I would only wear them while in uniform. They still look brand new and shine up very nice. But my problem is the soles are coming apart. Again, not worn hardly at all...seems like bad glue. So I took them to a local shop to be re-soled / re-glued.
            I've always wanted a pair of Danner Acadias, but $350 is well out of my price range.

            Originally posted by SCSU74 View Post
            One of the best part about the Acadia's is the ability to re-sole them. My 4 year old pair needed new soles and it set me back a total of $40 from a local guy. Love them.
            Originally posted by AR-15 View Post

            I would second that. I had my Acadias sent to Danner to get re-soled. Good thing my uniform allowance covered it.
            This is whats selling me on the Danner Acadias. Sending them back to Danner to be resoled. An old Lt was telling me it was free. Makes the $350 price tag not look so bad. Well since mine are in the shop I was looking these over online, and according to Danner's website it was like $150 to send them in and have them re-soled?
            for $150 I can buy a whole nother brand new pair of Rockys.
            Only thing I didn't like reading about the Danners were how heavy they are and not recommended for running.

            Originally posted by staticX View Post
            Used to wear Danner and then switched to Rocky "Portlands"

            Originally posted by erik18 View Post
            rocky portlands

            If you guys are looking for a military style boot that shines up real nice and is very similar to the danners, check these out. They are pretty lightweight for this style of boot as well

            Rocky Portland

            This is what I'm getting at ^
            since apparently I am a long time Rocky customer maybe I should go ahead and get the Portlands as my second pair. Start rotating them out. My local shop didn't charge an arm and a leg to have them re-soled / re-glued, its just the long wait time for the work. and I wouldn't mind not always wearing the same pair of boots every day yanno.
            *Also I forget the name, but Bates also makes a boot in the same style as the Acadias and Portlands. Anyone have any experience with it? I know Bates are a little more comfortable. I had a pair of the regular tactical boots way back in my rookie year, and they were very comfortable but wore out in about 8 months.


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              Costs around $40 to have them re-soled, just look for a local cobbler. Another option is Corcoran, very similar to the Acadia's, but they run wider which is awesome.

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                Danner Stalwarts, they look great, easy to break in and strong pair of boots. They arent the lightest but arent heavy either. They are Gortex and keep my feet warm in temperatures like the ones we've been having.
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                  Danner Tachyon with GoreTex. They are ugly but I love mine. I have been wearing them about a year. Roomy, athletic, light, flexible, waterproof, and about 140 bucks. If you need burly duty boots get the Lowa's in black. My tachyon's took about two weeks to get used to and have felt like slippers since.


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                    A local army/police gear distributor down here had Danner Acadias for some reason. I was tempted to get a pair direct from the US anyway because the feedback about them is so good but I got them locally for $100 less. I don't really notice the weight of them and they quite comfortable to wear for a ten hour shift if I have a decent pair of wool socks. The Acadias are great.


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                      Merrell Moab 2 low top is my favorite so far. Feels like a tennis shoe and is reasonably priced. They have lasted about 8 months which is a long time for me. I’m very rough in shoes and always end up in the woods.


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                        Anyone have experience with 5.11 ATAC shields?


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                          Want to know the same! Looking for something lighter than my Danner Acadias. Current pair is 12 years old, and they are just a little heavier than I want nowadays.

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                        I bought the new 5.11 ATAC 2.0. They are decent I guess....but I am also on this forum to get some better boots. LOL. I bought the ATAC and the Tachyon at the same time through amazon with free return shipping. I shipped the Tachyon's back based on the fact they are not side zip and they look like shoes. My department is more of the fancy looking leather boot anyways. After breaking my 5.11's in, they are now too small. It could be because the heat is making my feet swell some, but I can 't wear them now. I think I am going to do what I should have done day one......and buy a nice pair of Danner's. I am going to get the stalwarts I think. they have side zip and are all leather, which is technically what policy says I should have but no one cares.

                        The ATAC's seem to run on the smaller/narrow side by just a little bit.


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