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  • TEMS gear questions

    Hey guys
    I am new to tac med/tems and i am looking for opinions on gear for med supplies (drop leg,back pack, etc)and also how in-depth your med gear is (iv's,airway,strictly bandage?) . even if you are not a tac med i would appreciate your opinions

    Thanks again

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    You may have more luck at getting a response to this below; in the firefighting, rescue, EMS forum.

    Many SWAT teams have medics assigned. Still more have an ambulance on standby down the street. Our SWAT has a Paramedic that carries, or has readily available, a Thomas Pack along with his weapons.

    You won't be doing much more than maintaining an airway and bandaging until the scene is secure. Someone can run back to your vehicle for the big kit in the meantime. Until then it seems that a CPR mask and some rudimentary bandaging supplies in a cargo pocket would keep you productive.
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      Our team has a trauma nurse (who's also a certified LEO) assigned as our medic. As Ken mentioned, the primary task is maintaining airway and controlling bleeding until the patient can be extracted from the hot zone. Back at the rally point is the more long term care items like the IV's and drugs. We also have an ambulance on stand by near the containment zone, but we usually stabalize in place then move to them as opposed to letting them into our perimeter.
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