I wish all my purchases were accompanied with this kind of customer service.

A little over a year ago I purchased an ABA Xtreme ZX vest from GT Distributors. Last week I received notice of a settlement agreement Armor Holdings (ABA's parent company) reached regarding zylon-containing vests. In short, I am able to get a voucher for the full purchase price that I can put towards any Armor Holdings product. Since the paperwork sent to me regarding the settlement was written in full legalese, I called GT to clarify my options.

I was transferred to the body armor department and a GT representative answered the phone. Now keep in mind I hadn't told anyone my name, why I was calling, a customer number -- even my phone number was blocked. So I was shocked when I told the representative my name and he immediately said, "Oh, I remember you, Mr. *******. You purchased an Xtreme ZX, right? I'll bet you're calling about the voucher program."


It turns out the rep was the same one I dealt with a year ago. And he recognized my name because I'm so far away from their normal sales area. Even so, I was mighty impressed.

He was very helpful, explained my options in terms even I could understand, and expressed a willingness to make the vest transition as smooth as possible. If you get the chance, buy from GT Distributors.