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  • WT recommendations??

    Hello, I need some recommendations from you guys about a good WT to buy. I have been lurking these boards for a while now but this is my first post. I am looking for a good all around WT that wont cost me way to much. I was told by one fellow reserve that the Kenwood TK 380 was a decent one to get. I know absolutely nothing about radio's to be honest, just how they work and how to program channels into them. I am not up on any brand names, etc. Any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Do you really have to buy your own radio? I never heard of a department that did that. Guns, yes. Radios? Who gets the FCC license, you or the department?

    In any event, if you intend to be in for the long haul, you need to buy a radio that complies with the "PATCO25" standard. My Volly Fire Department uses Kenwood TX 272g's , 32 channels, scanning, programmable. They work well for us, ran about $400 @ department price.

    Edited to add:
    You must be English, no one here calls them WT (Wireless Transmitters). They are just radios or handhelds.
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      Thanks Sleuth for your responce. No I dont have to buy my own radio, its just that the ones the department gives to us reserves are old and outdated And also they are taking forever on getting the batteries in for the ones we do have. We just got some new repeaters and had to reprogram our radios and the one I did have was so old they couldnt reprogram it to work so they had to order some more but it is taking so long for the batteries to come in, they are on back order for a month. So I figured I would just buy my own so I can have a good one and dont have to wait so long. I will look into the one that you said. Thanks again


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        Look into the Maxon SP series.

        Here is a model: UHF version of SP model

        Used these here when new mobiles where needed during the transition from UHF to Trunked 800, despite their simple looks and relatively cheap price, these things held up better than any radio before them! The guys loved them, they worked... were light... and small! So you might want to look into them. Also, VHF is obviously available in those models.


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          Check ebay.com they have great bargains on radios. Several reserve officers I know have bought their own radios for the same reasons and they got excellent deals. Remember these are used radios so do your homework and buy from a respectable seller there.

          As far as a brand, the kenwood series is excellent, as is the Motorola HT1000.
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