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    Ah, yes, Pepperball PAVA II. I have their rep trying to convince me that its legal to sell me in Wisconsin, when all you can have is 10% OC with no dyes, etc.

    Punch II never really bothered me. Freeze +P is the devil incarnated into a black can. Of course, so is Sabre CS/OC. Any CS/OC is evil. And highly effective.

    State Law prohibits anyone but LE from carrying Vexor. Oh, well, at least I understand it does what it says, and says what it does.
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      Originally posted by uptownfed
      Anyone here ever use Vexor(15 Million SHU)? Some depts in the area have recently gone to it.
      I have used Vexor, however, I prefer CAP-STUN which is made by the same company. ZARC international. After using them both I have had a much quicker response/reaction with the CAP-STUN. When I used Vexor, it seem to have a delayed response on the subjects, as when using CAP-STUN the reaction was almost immediate.
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        Body Guard

        Have use Body Guard several times when I was with Maricopa County Sheriffs Office, both in the jails then out in the streets. This stuff works pretty good even on those under the influence. My buddies called me " The Spray Master", I had those use of force forms down to a science!


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          my face is burning right now just reading this thread!
          For the cops out there: You are an adult. If you want to write someone, write them. If you don't want to write someone, then don't write them.

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            We carry Bodyguard LE-10 Foam, made by Guardian Personal Security Products. I've been hit with it, and I've watched 10 others get hit with it. Absolutely devistating. I've been hit with other sprays in the past during various recerts, but this one is the worst. BTW, we carry foam because of the environment we work in - a hospital.


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              A former coworker and self defense instructor of mine swears by Bodyguard fogger. He hated Fox, saying that, while it was hot, it took too long to activate after he got hit.

              He's a bit of a fanatic...he refuses to carry or recommend anything that he hasn't been sprayed with. He has hours of video of him trying to wack his partner with a nerf baseball bat after being sprayed with various kinds of OC.
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