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  • Duty Gear Suggestions

    I'm can purchase my duty gear through my department and have them take it out of my check but there are so many choices these days I don't know what is quality and what is the newest line of bulls**t. I'm looking at Safariland or maybe Uncle Mike's. I can wear leather or nylon and carry a Level II or III retention holster. I was wondering what works these days. Performance and quality are my two main concerns. After that comes comfort.
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    In my experience, the BEST nylon gear out there is the Bianchi Accumold line. I do not, however, like their holsters. The Accumold stuff is very durable and won't collapse like the Uncle Mike's crap.

    Safariland has a new line (street tough? or something like that) that looks quite promising. Very similar to Accumold. DeSantis makes a nylon duty gear that is nearly identical to Accumold. DeSantis is also good stuff, though you'll probably pay a bit more because of it.

    For holsters, my money is on Safariland. I LOVE my 6280SLS for my Glock with light mounted. Can't go wrong, it is awesome. I wouldn't ever want to go back to a thumb break holster now. You can also get belt shanks at four different heights to accomodate your body style and preferences. IMHO, Safariland has a holster to suit anyone's needs when it comes to duty gear. I like the Uncle Mike's Pro-3 when it comes to level 3 holsters w/o a light.
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      Bianchi Accumold for nylon it's what I've worn for 6 years running. Though if you want to save weight there is Safarialnd's levitation system. Holster wise you can't go wrong with Safarialnds holsters. I've worn their 070 and love it. It's secure but quick. I'm currently wearing their 6274 raptor drop holster. However since you may not be authorized that the raptors, 6280, or their 070 series are good picks.
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