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  • Personal Vest?

    My department supplies a vest to all the new officers but it's a growing department and the money is tight (esp. with the fiscal year coming to an end). All of their vests have been used by other officers so I was wondering if it would be worth the money to buy my own vest. It is my life we're talking about, so I'm thinking I should spring for one. I was also wondering if anyone could make some suggestions for a good quality brand.
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    I'd buy new if I were you. I am an auxiliary and we are required to wear while on patrol. The department also issues us vests and as in your situation, ours are used as well. I ended up buying a Safariland Level 3 for somewhere around $700 I think.

    Vests are only warranted for a few years and usually start to break down at 5 years. That being said, if you are issued a 4 year old vest, it is close to the end of its days. Obviously if you can't get one before you start your tours, use the issued vest until then.


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      hm. I'd actually be told the opposite, that older vests still work fine. Of course, the new technology is lighter, more flexible, and in some cases better...

      I got my own vest from They were extremely easy to deal with, and went WAY out of the way to find me a surplus (new) vest which was basically custom size. Most of their 'lightly used' vests are actually just returns. VERY affordable compared to retail.

      There are grant programs out there, I'm going to be looking into trying to get a new vest since I've shrunk out of the one I purchased, and my current vest is from '98... If you need to purchase your own, it's defintely worth trying to get a grant. If not--it *is* tax deductible.


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