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    Hey guys just wanted your take on some bags for our gear. I already have a crap load of stuff and I just started. I need a bag. I cant use the seat org. due to I will be with an FTO. I was looking at picking up the galls duty bag.
    http://www.galls.com/category2.html?...atalog&cat=539 Anyone have any opinions? Thanks

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    Your FTO will appreciate you getting the smallest bag you can cram your gear into. Most officers' trunks are slam full anyways, and then have to move their own stuff around to try and fit the trainee's SWAT size bag.

    I had the Galls StreetPro and managed to fit just about everything in there.


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      I think about 95% of my department has that bag and it seems to work just fine. After you have some time on you will realize that you don't need half of the things that you carry now which will help with limited space.
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        Alot of our guys have that bag. A local supplier also is doing them with custome lettering/insignia for our agnecy and others in the area.

        Personally, I think they're not that great in quality.

        I have a 5.11 Tactical Patrol Bag. It is absolutely AWESOME. It is thicker with padded side walls. The outer pockets have elastic around the tops. The zippers are better quality. The inside pockets are a little bigger. It includes the divider that other bags have as an option for like $15-20. It also has a padded shoulder strap.

        I believe it was about $10 more than the Galls or Streicher's brand generic bags.
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          I have an Uncle Mike's bag. Well made and durable (heavy duty ballistic cloth). Has plenty of room and the price is right. Bag has stiffeners in all sides and a padded lid, two big end pockets w/ dual zippers that can accept a luggage lock), three open-top pockets in the front (1 wide & 2 narrow), adjustable interior divider, bottom stiffener, velcro loops on the lid for baton, flashlight, etc (inside lid has two zippered pockets and pen/pencil storage), and adjustable shoulder strap. Has stood up really well to the abuse my bags tend to get.
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