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    Ok, so not exactly duty gear but... looking for suggestions on a comfortable off duty holster for my Sig 220. Would like to carry smaller but that is what I have for now. Would prefer something in pants/waistline. Thanks
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    I just picked up a FIST kydex IWB and love it - extremely concealable...and not too bad on comfort for an IWB.


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      I have a Blackhawk SERPA with a paddle. Very nice. Light, comfortable and secure with the designed retention system.
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        Originally posted by ArcLight
        I have a Blackhawk SERPA with a paddle. Very nice. Light, comfortable and secure with the designed retention system.
        I have a SERPA as well. But, if you're looking for something to conceal, I don't think the SERPA will fit the bill. It's more for plainclothes carry, not really concealed carry, unless you're wearing a coat or something.

        I wore it shooting the other day, and it's a great holster. I wish they'd release a line of duty holsters based on the product line.
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          Milt Sparks Versa Max 2


          Granted I am not allowed to have a CCW (Illinois) and I am not a Cop so I can't carry off-duty, but none of that makes the above holster any less spectacular. Good luck.
          Just so there is no confusion, I am a Law Enforcement Student, not a Cop.


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            I know alot of fellow officers who use the Milt Sparks VMII, and swear by it. I use the Galco Combat Master and it works well for me. Maybe someday I'll switch over to the VMII.
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              I carry a Desantis Cozy Partner with their belt and mag pouch, exellent quality good price and easily conceals a full size auto comfortably. I carry a Kimber commander sized 1911 custom year around without problems or atracting attention. Whatever you buy get a good quality, properly sized belt from the same manufacturer it really makes a differance.


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