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  • 5.11 Tactical Boots

    I was just hired by a Dept. and I have to provide my own boots. I'm leaning towards the 5.11 Tactical HRT boots so I was wondering if anyone had a pair and could offer some feedback (positive or negative) on these boots or if anyone could make some recommendations for "the rookie" as to what would be a good choice in footwear.
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    I don't know much about the 5.11 boots, but I can give advice about some other boots. Try getting your hands on the Belleville 390 Trop summer boots, they are super comfortable with very light weight. They are the same boots that we are issued in the sandbox, of course ours are tan not black. They hold up like a champ too, very sturdy design, in 8 months I only have one small seam where a thread is coming off. You can run in them too. I would also suggest a pair of Danners, any kind actaully, they last really well. I've had a pair of the Ft. Lewis model for almost 9 years now.

    We wear Rocky's at the PD I work for, and I am going to make the suggestions to the Chief to switch to Bellevilles when I get back from my deployment. I have been nothing but impressed with the comfort and durability.


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      I currently wear 5.11 ATAC boots and find them very light and comfortable. I am the supply officer for my department and I had galls send me 3 pairs of different boots to compare, Danner strikers, bates enforcers and the 5.11 ATAC. I had ordered and wore the ridge air-tac in the past but the boot squeaked real bad and the air cushion deflated after 6 months.
      5.11's were the lightest of the three and felt the most like a sneaker.
      Danners were the heaviest and felt like a boot. When I wore the danner on one foot and the 5.11 on the other there was no comparison, 5.11 all the way. Bates were ok but I had questions on there quality and durability.
      I never wore the HRT boot, it is a all leather boot and in the south that makes for a hot foot if you are outside for a extended period of time. Think about the ATAC boot, they should be cooler on your feet. You also get 2 pairs of free socks when you order the 5.11 boot from most suppliers.


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        Try the OAKLEY boots. They also give a substansial LE discount. I would not wear anything else.
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          I've worn Magnum, Danner, Original Swat, and 5.11. Currently I have the 5.11's and find them the most comfortable. I work 16 hour shifts on a regular basis, and these do the best. Original Swat's come in second place.


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            Originally posted by sflcop
            Try the OAKLEY boots. They also give a substansial LE discount. I would not wear anything else.
            How do you get the LE discount. My current pair I bought through ebay, but I'm in the market for a new set.


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              Just spent my first week wearing my new 5.11 ATAC boots and they feel great. Much better than the Rockies my dept. issues.


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                I wear the 6 inch 5.11 ATACs I think there called and they are a real nice boot. Shine up pretty good and are pretty light and comfy. Ive been weareing them for about 4 months now, I use a taller 8 inch Danner for bad weather. Also a nice boot
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                  Originally posted by supafuzz
                  How do you get the LE discount. My current pair I bought through ebay, but I'm in the market for a new set.
                  PM me with department e-mail address and VERIFIABLE proof of your employment.

                  Also, Oakley is VERY strict and picky about the Government sales program. They will have no qualms about getting rid of it, either. So, for everyone who takes part it in, respect it and do NOT screw with it and ruin it for everyone else. Alot of guys who are using it are deployed Mil guys who otherwise couldn't afford this gear.
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