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Blackhawk Serpa CQC retention holster


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  • Blackhawk Serpa CQC retention holster

    What's your opinion for this holster as a duty holster?? Looks as well made as this www.tdlabs.com
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    Blackhawk Serpa

    I have the serpa cqc now and I really am pleased with it. It allows for a perfect grip prior to drawing the weapon and your index finger stays outside of the trigger guard, where it belongs. It takes little pressure on the release to unlock it and can be accomplished with either hand easily. And no, I don't work for Blackhawk. That other holster has gotten mixed reviews from some of our guys who are doing T and E on it, but it looks sturdy enough. Just looks like itneeds a lot of practice to make it a natural draw.
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      I wear one exposed in plain clothes about twice a week. I really like it. Now I need the matching belt and mag holder. Maybe they'll make a cuff case too?
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        I have a Serpa that I use off duty occaisonally. I REALLY like it for exposed carry, not so much for concealed. However, I don't think it pulls the butt of the gun (G17) in close enough for really good concealment. It works awesome with a smaller gun (G26). I would NOT carry it or recommend it as a duty holster.

        That TD holster, however, is VERY slick. A buddy of mine got one for T&E for 3 months. He's a Unified Tactics Instructor and his department's gear guru. He found it to be totally awesome. Passed it around his department for others who also really liked it. VERY secure system. I found it was a little too bulky for me to want to carry it. It sticks out awfully far from your side and would be just too darn uncomfortable for me while in a squad.
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          All of my class advisors in the academy I attended earlier this year have the serpa holster and they can't stop talking about it and it looks good also.


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